Mary Bannon

Mary Bannon

Professional Division

Mary is an explorer of truth. She is a humanitarian wherein it is her desire to help people heal their lives. In her journey she has learned several different modalities for healing and/or eliminating negative energies, and has learned how to incorporate higher vibrating energies into the human body, animals, plants, and land.

Her strength in training includes: Usui Reiki Master/Teacher; Integrated Energy Therapy Master/Instructor (working with the angels); Paranormal Investigator: Meditation Facilitator; Oneness Blessing Facilitator; Kundalini Reiki; Medical Intuition – Carolyn Myss & Dr. Norman Shealy; Crystology and Crystal Grids – The Crystal Guy - Gene Jackson; Lightarian Ray Program (attuned to the angels, ascended masters, seraphim angels, and Lightarian Reiki); Advanced Ancestral Clearing Practitioner – John Newton; Self-Empowerment, Shamanism, Body Intelligence, dowsing seminar with Raymon Grace; and, Master creator of Divine Heart Connections (a two-pointing quantum physics modality); along with several Monroe Institute 5 day programs.

Mary is the co-owner of a metaphysical store in Noblesville, Indiana where she and her husband teaches numerous classes on various topics. She also travels the United States teaching Divine Heart Connections as a two day weekend healing workshop.

Address: Good Journeys, 17901 River Rd, Suite F, Noblesville, IN 46062

Phone: 317-750-7392


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