Jeffrey Poe

Jeffrey Poe

Professional Division

Jeff is an explorer of life, past life and after life. His desire to help people heal their lives and to help them along their path. In his journey, he has learned several different modalities for healing, manifesting, intuition, hypnosis, and past life regression out-of-body experience, remote viewer and influencing.

His strength in training includes: Licensed Hypnotherapist, Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, Psychic Development, Master creator of Body Mind Spirit Connection (a two-pointing quantum physics modality), Divine Heart Connections (a two-pointing quantum physics modality), Integrated Energy Therapy, Remote Viewer and Influencing, Paranormal Investigator, Meditation Facilitator, Oneness Blessing Facilitator, along with several Monroe Institute 1, 2 and 5 day programs.

Jeff is the co-owner of Good Journeys, a metaphysical store in Noblesville, Indiana where he and his wife teaches numerous classes on various topics and author of two books “Me and my shadows”, and “Chasing Ghost”.

Address: Good Journeys, 17901 River Rd, Suite F, Noblesville, IN 46062

Phone: 317-750-7392


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