Luca Biotti, Eng.

Luca Biotti, Eng.

Professional Division

Luca is an international licensed Trainer of NLP® (Neuro Linguistic Programming) for The Society of NLP® (Richard Bandler) and an international licensed Master Consultant/Trainer of LAB Profile® (Language & Behaviour) for Success Strategies (Shelle Rose Charvet). He holds a specialisation in tecniques and professional methods for the analysis of facial expressions, body language and voice characteristics using scientific procedures (FACS - Facial Action Coding System and ETaC - Evaluating Truthfulness and Credibility) from PEI (Paul Ekman International). Passionate in neurosciences, subtle energies and quantum physics, thanks to a bachelor degree in electronic engineering he's looking forward to integrate all these disciplines together.

Trained in Ericksonian Hypnosis at the M.H. Erickson Institute of Turin.

Contact Luca Biotti, Eng:
Ranco (VA), Italy
Phone: (39) 0331 975252