The TMI Coloring Book

The TMI Coloring Book


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Looking for a magical visual meditation? Welcome to The TMI Coloring Book!

Thirty drawings of The Monroe Institute by artist Mike George invite you to breathe your special essence into them. Feel yourself connect with the unique frequency pattern that is TMI as you apply your palette and imagination to an image. If you have been to the Institute, notice that special “home” energy signature.

Each iconic image is from our campus sheltered in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. The TMI Coloring Book contains familiar and eloquent scenes of the Nancy Penn Center, Roberts Mountain Retreat, and the breathtaking natural environment. A brief description and sometimes a wee bit of TMI history accompanies each drawing.

Get out your pens and pencils. Take a deep relaxing breath. Sink into your creative space. And color!

Crafted for grown ups but appropriate for older kids, too.


AuthorThe Monroe Institute
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