Daly, Jean Keegan | Reflections of a Seasoned Soul

Daly, Jean Keegan | Reflections of a Seasoned Soul


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Jean Keegan Daly's book of true personal stories takes you on the challenging journey of her soul's passionate longing for self discovery and healing, her bold search for spiritual truth, and the supportive people, special patients, and amazing mystical encounters she experienced along her path.

Reflections of a Seasoned Soul portrays the author's real life struggle to discover her spiritual truth's deepest purpose and commitment to living her life and serving others from that authentic inner place. Jean's story is told with heartfelt sincerity and vulnerability. It captures the essence of her journey from its risky and daring beginnings of her unorthodox search for an expanded understanding of God and Universal Oneness through to her holistic healing and hospice work, her profound near death experience, her mystical visions and events, and her endeavors to live everyday within the values of respect, love, kindness, gratitude and peace. Of course, the journey to enlightenment is lifelong and so it continues...

AuthorJean Keegan Daly
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