DeMarco, Frank | Awakening from the 3D World: How We Enter the Next Life

DeMarco, Frank | Awakening from the 3D World: How We Enter the Next Life


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In the non-3D world, death is not the end of the story, but an awakening to new possibilities. Here is what that awakening looks like, as described by one who has been through it.

We have had many accounts of the other world as it appears during near-death experiences. This account is from someone who did not turn back, but crossed over, and is living the life that begins when physical life ends. Rita Warren is speaking from the non-physical world she entered in 2008, using the same conversational manner she employed to provide a view of the non-physical world in the two-volume Rita’s World. In life, Rita and the author spent months questioning non-physical beings about non-physical life, she posing the questions and he, in an altered state, relaying the answers. These transcripts became The Sphere and the Hologram. In 2014, after she herself died, Rita employed the same process from her new vantage point to answer the same questions. These transcripts were published as Rita’s World. The material comprising this volume rounds off the portrait. Direct communication with someone in the non-physical is as close to first-hand information as we can get. This material can change your life.

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