Dirk Dunning

Dirk Dunning

Professional Division

Dirk is a recently retired Engineer. He had a long a varied career as a registered Professional Chemical Engineer practicing in a dozen fields of engineering and dozens of fields of science. He is an explorer in almost every sense of the word.

Dirk graduated from Oregon State University with a Bachelors of Science with High Honors in Chemical Engineering in 1977. Dirk worked for Westinghouse training sailors in all aspects of the design, construction, operation and maintenance of Nuclear Powered submarines and was qualified as an Engineering Officer of the Watch and Nuclear Power Engineer. Dirk worked as the Manager of Chemical Operations for Fairchild Semiconductor. Dirk was one of the principal designers, engineers and managers over construction of five semiconductor factories, and consultant on a dozen more. Dirk worked for a quarter century with the State of Oregon performing oversight of the cleanup of the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, the largest nuclear waste site in the western hemisphere. In that capacity, he worked closely with hundreds of scientists in dozens of specialties.

While attending classes at Mt. Hood Community College, Dirk worked with a fellow explorer to research telepathy, telekinesis, past life regression, remote perception and many other fields of paranormal research. There they duplicated much of the research conducted at Sanford Research Institute (SRI) in near real time as the researchers at SRI were conducting their first work on remote perception prior to the Stargate Remote Viewing program.

Dirk first visited TMI for Gateway Voyage in 1995. He returned for Lifelines and Exploration 27 in early 1997, and Guidelines later that same year. In total he has attended about 40 programs and had over a dozen life altering profound experiences.

Dirk retired in July 2017 after his offices were moved to a new facility lit entirely with LED lighting. After two bouts of inflammatory uveitis and a range of terrible symptoms it became clear he could not tolerate LED light.

Dirk is currently researching potential uses of SAM and other technologies to alter brainwaves to minimize or eliminate some of the impacts from the LED lights, to recreate two amazing altered states he encountered during the very first SAM program that are quite unlike any of the other major states (OOBE, astral travel, remote perception, bilocation…), and to aid in development of program materials for TMI.

Contact: Dirk Dunning
Phone: (503) 290-6865
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