Remote Viewing II

  Prerequisite: Remote Viewing

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Join TMI’s team of highly skilled trainers for this 5-day/6-night advanced exploration of remote viewing (RV). Refine the skills you acquired in TMI’s foundational RV program and gain new ones. You will receive and practice advanced RV techniques, and enjoy the opportunity to work personally with one of the world’s leading remote viewers—Joe McMoneagle!

Reinforce Your Remote Viewing Skills and Take Them to the Next Level

The approach you choose to access a particular outcome is very important. It can either support or inhibit your efforts to remote view. Learn the science of target selection along with additional tools and techniques to improve your understanding of RV and establish a reliable home training routine. Practice in-depth Gestalt methodology and learn the specific criteria necessary for acquiring and constructing meaningful perceptions about a target.

Learn to Perceive Residual Information of an Object or Person

Through psychometry, a deeper sensing of the unknown, you can discover facts about events and people by touching inanimate objects associated with them. Information can be acquired about the contents hidden inside a container by placing your hands only on the container. For instance, you may sense impressions from a pen left on a table. “Energy residue” associated with objects can tell revealing stories. Impressions can also be received from someone you might have lightly brushed against in an elevator, impressions that carry information about the person’s near future or what they experienced during the recent past.

Refine your remote viewing perceptions to determine aspects of a target, such as its purpose, use, and category. Is it religious, scientific, or industrial? Describe conceptual aspects of the target, discerning what is possible vs. probable.


The Monroe Institute Gateway Voyage Program

Access Information from Multiple Sources
Obtain More Accurate Details about Target Sites

Remote Viewing II includes advanced investigative techniques such as:

  • working one-on-one with an RV trainer on a few randomly selected targets and receiving direct feedback and guidance
  • practicing meditative drawing techniques to improve right-brain visual sensing and depiction, and improving drawing or representation methodologies. This allows you, the viewer, to access and report with much greater detail and accuracy.  
  • using dowsing techniques, such as pendulums, charts, maps, and rods to describe and locate objects, or to garner a greater understanding of the target of interest.
  • learning techniques to locate complex "time/space" targets. Perceive in 3-D, study the physical and nonphysical connections in time and space and use these relationships to access and combine informational sources about a target.


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This program offers the unique opportunity to study the physical and nonphysical connections in “time/space” and to use the relationship to access information unknown to the remote viewer, drawing on his/her psychic skills and using a variety of techniques to gather the data.

The Monroe Institute Gateway Voyage Program

Your Trainer for this program: Joseph W. McMoneagle

Internationally renowned as a master remote viewer and author of four books on remote viewing, Joe McMoneagle has 47 years of professional and scientific expertise in research and development within numerous multi-level technical intelligence collection systems and in the field of the paranormal and the social sciences. He was an R&D consultant to SRI-International and Science Applications International Corporation, Inc., where he participated in protocol design, statistical information collection, evaluations, and thousands of remote viewing trials in support of both experimental research and active intelligence operations for what is now known as Project STARGATE.


Facility for this Exploration:  The Monroe Institute

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The Monroe Institute Gateway Voyage Program


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