Into the Light: Free Flow Meditations

Into the Light: Free Flow Meditations


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These exercises serve as a companion to the first album, Into the Light: Near-Death Experience Meditations. It is specifically designed to provide more space and alone time for exploring two of the dominant vibratory windows in the first album, White Light and the area known as the Park. It also features the vibratory windows for the other Lights found in NDE’s, Black and Clear. Now in one album, you can experience the four principal vibratory windows that near-death experiencers encounter.

This album is also an excellent source for any free-flow meditation.

Other titles in this series are: Into the Light: Near Death Meditations; Into the Light: Meeting Your Guides; Into the Light: Exploring the TunnelInto the Light: Embracing Source; and Into the Light: Radiating Love.


Produced ByHemi-Sync
Year Produced2018