DeMarco, Frank | It's All One World

DeMarco, Frank | It's All One World


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It’s All One World continues the conversation between the author and Rita Warren, who died to the 3D world in 2008. Via the medium of Intuitive Linked Communication, Rita continues to describe life from the non-physical perspective.

Like the earlier books in this series, It’s All One World flows as simply and easily as a conversation between friends. The dialogue consists of four sections:

1. Who and what we are
2. Life and the afterlife
3. Only somewhat real
4. Where we go from here

Without jettisoning our intellectual and critical functioning, this book explores the meaning and nature of life and the afterlife. It also provides insight into the supernatural world and explains why there are so many contradictions found in our
religious traditions. In the final section, Rita and the author seek to answer one of the most important questions of our time:
Where do we go from here as individuals and as a culture?

AuthorFrank DeMarco
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