Lenka Spiska

Lenka Spiska

Professional Division

Lenka is an Intuologist, Teacher, Author, Speaker, and Life Coach utilizing energy medicine to  connect us to a new paradigm of healing, bridging the gap between East and West. Lenka refers to her process as The SHIFT; meaning a movement in consciousness where we treat the WHOLE person.  Lenka empowers patients to become self-reliant and take charge of their health. She creates an “action plan,” including self-empowering “homework” to help patients begin to resolve or heal the illness or pain themselves. With her guidance, patients begin to replace self-sabotaging programs by “re-writing” new programming, which better serves their health, aspirations and goals. The scientific term is called Neuroplasticity; the brain’s ability to change at any age. 

Lenka combines traditional Eastern medical practices with intuitive knowledge to detect subtle energy imbalances in her patients, helping them heal and achieve a sustainable healthy balance at every level; physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.  She reveals in-depth insights into patients’ current state of health and well-being while pinpointing subtle energy imbalances which may be contributors to illness or disease by addressing the mind-body-spirit connection. 

Lenka also formed The Wellness Energy Institute, a 501c3 corporation is organized to create an environment where individuals feel safe to explore alternative therapies to support the body to heal itself.  The corporation will offer these alternative therapies to people of all financial demographics, but the therapies are particularly designed for individuals who could not otherwise afford them.  Such alternative therapies include, but are not necessarily be limited to, energy medicine healing and coaching, as well as other alternative medicine therapies, all of which intend to promote and maintain optimal well-being and physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. 
Lenka finds a healing balance for each patient by providing whole health treatments. Her energy healing modalities complement traditional medicine, with or without a prior medical diagnosis from their doctors. Through the years, Lenka has facilitated numerous thought-provoking health seminars and wellness summits on energy medicine, spirituality, intuition and self-development, she has contributed to magazines and newspaper articles, and is regularly hired for speaking engagements to educate groups on various ways to incorporate wellness into their lives.  


Contact Lenka Spiska
Address: Naples, Florida
Email: lenkaspiska@gmail.com