Dr. Marilyn Elliott

Dr. Marilyn Elliott

Professional Division

I was 10 years old when I knew that I would be a healer…some type of doctor, so when I heard a voice telling me to attend chiropractic school after I had been a chemical engineer for 10 years, I just obeyed. I’ve always had a special connection to my higher self, so when HE told me in 2012 to meet him at The Monroe Institute, the only hesitation I had was where to get the funds for the program. The experiences I had during Gateway Voyage in September of that year led me to attend MC2 the following month. I understood from those experiences that I had hidden gifts available to me in my past lives, so I enrolled in Dolores Cannon’s QHHT program, and became a certified Level II hypnosis practitioner. I currently use several energy healing modalities, including NAET, emotional energy healing, Source Energy Medicine, acupuncture, clinical nutrition and radionics to assist my clients and patients to reach their physical and emotional health goals.

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Address: Pelham, Alabama
Email: marilyn.drelliott@gmail.com