Rosanna Schaffer-Shaw, MFA

Rosanna Schaffer-Shaw, MFA

Professional Division

I was lucky enough to be born to parents who both accepted the reality of psi. Have been a “fortune teller” since around age 11. I stopped doing readings at age 18 due to the deaths of many of my contemporaries. I was not mature enough to handle the psychic overload. In my 20s and 30s worked as a Middle Eastern dancer and actress and travelled widely. The purpose of my travel was and is to go to the Earth’s power places and absorb that energy. Around age 30, I got a request from a theatrical agent to both dance and read palms on a boat traveling around Manhattan. I was a big hit and soon requests for reading jobs poured in and outnumbered dance jobs, which I actually liked better. Soon I built up a clientele which persists to this day. 

Now I am very involved with my “Shattered Reality Podcast” which is a nonprofit venture. My sometimes co-host Kate Valentine and I interview thinkers in the areas of the anomalous and consciousness science. In addition to being a member of the Professional Division, I am an associate member of the Society for Scientific Exploration, the International Remote Viewers Association and of course TMI’s own Dolphin Energy Club.  

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