Michael D. Turner, PhD

Michael D. Turner, PhD

Professional Division

Mike’s formal education is primarily in electrical engineering and includes a BSEE degree from Louisiana Tech University and MSEE and PhD degrees from the University of Missouri.  His primary area of work has been research and development, utilizing signal processing in a relatively wide range of applications. 

After teaching engineering at the University of Missouri for one year, he spent several years with Texas Instruments in Dallas, Texas, primarily involved with the Global Positioning System and radar systems.  Over the last 35+ years he has worked both as an employee for several companies in Huntsville, Alabama, and also as an independent consultant.  This work has been focused largely on various communications systems spanning the range from audio frequencies through light wave frequencies, although more recently his work has often involved applying signal processing concepts in biotechnology.  He is an inventor on about 20 issued patents.

After his Gateway Voyage® program in 2006, he worked with Skip Atwater in various endeavors for TMI.  Early work here focused on spectral analysis of Hemi-Sync® signals and on the migration of this process from a largely hardware-based approach to a software approach based on digital signal processing techniques.  More recently he contributed to the development of the Spatial Angle Modulation™ (SAM) technology.  In that area his primary contributions were first in discovering that the signals Skip had been investigating could equivalently be spatially defined and in fact correspond to a sound produced by a single frequency tone source moving repeatedly along a specific path in space, and later in developing the mathematical foundation necessary to define a suitable signal structure with appropriate parameters for synthesizing SAM audio signals.  He has a continuing interest in following the progress of SAM research carried out at TMI, both with regard to measurements of physiological effects and with regard to the development of potential enhancements or extensions of the SAM technology.

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