Cynthia Spring & Frances Vaughan | Seven Questions About Life After Life: Book One

Cynthia Spring & Frances Vaughan | Seven Questions About Life After Life: Book One


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Cynthia Spring and Frances Vaughan are engaged in a dialogue based on seven questions about life after life.

This fascinating book -- an anchor during a chaotic time filled with confusion and suffering -- offers a larger frame, a greater reality. The authors, one incarnate, one discarnate, address the fears we all are experiencing as we watch our world crumbling. Countries are collapsing; religious and political institutions are wobbling. In this time of rebalance, we are learning the hard way that change is the only constant. Knowledge of life after life helps us let go of the primal fear of death itself. Frances Vaughan's vantage point "from the balcony" offers us a more expansive way of seeing our world. This book encourages direct experience over belief, and provides portals for exploration.

Seven Questions also moves us toward a greater sense of consciousness, of love, of the value of our own evolution. Frances describes the dimension she is in - earth-like, filled with Love and Light, and surprisingly integrated with our own space/time dimension. We can make the transition more peacefully, knowing that we will reunite with loved ones who have gone before us.

The way to deal with the "upcoming upheavals," as Frances calls them, is to be of service in whatever ways we can, unique to our own evolution.

Frances: Let me just say that the experience of this side fills me with a joy beyond comprehension. The important point for us to convey right now is that the reality of life in another dimension is what awaits all of us. If you can accept that as a guiding principle, then you will live your life according to higher values, no matter what is going on around you.

AuthorCynthia Spring & Frances Vaughan
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