Denise Teixeira

Denise Teixeira

Outreach Trainer

Denise Teixeira graduated from the University of Hartford with an MBA in marketing and international business.  She received her B.S. degree in Accounting from the University of Maryland College Park.  Denise has always been interested in expanded consciousness. 

Denise has always had a “sixth sense”.  Before she took the remote viewing class at The Monroe Institute, friends would always ask her to “find” things that they had lost.  Even when there were thousands of miles distance between her and her friends, she was always able to “find” their lost item.  She was finally able to put a term to this gift through The Monroe Institute.

Denise had her first “remembered” out of body experience while listening to Tibetan chants.  One afternoon she was listening to the tapes and someone was knocking at her front door.  She got up to answer the door to discover that she left her body on the chair!  That’s when she started researching out of body experiences and first heard about The Monroe Institute.

Denise is a member of the Professional Division and has taken numerous workshops at The Monroe Institute. 

Contact Denise Teixeira:
Address:  Gervais, OR