Starlines I October 9-14, 2020 Ichinomiya, Japan

Starlines I October 9-14, 2020 Ichinomiya, Japan

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Extend Your Journey Far into the Universe

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Prerequisites: Gateway Voyage®, Lifeline, Exploration 27®

Throughout history, humans have looked to the stars to know the divine and to know more about themselves. Our knowledge of the heavens and the physical universe has expanded rapidly in recent years. In 1923, the words “universe” and “galaxy” were synonymous. In the past few years, due to our amazing space telescopes, we have been able to “see” more galaxies than we can count. Our scientists now estimate that our universe contains hundreds of billions of galaxies, most with hundreds of billions stars.

Starlines I is a program for graduates of Exploration 27® who possess a burning passion for exploration and self-discovery, an unquenchable curiosity, and an enduring love and respect for the Life Force in all of its expression. If you are a “Trekkie” at heart, Starlines I is the program for you. Bring your sense of adventure and any other resources (star charts, books, etc.) that you would like to have handy.

To reflect on the size, composition, energy, movement, and patterns of creation in our physical universe is naturally consciousness expanding. And yet, each new discovery raises more questions and arouses more curiosity. What are the relationships between awareness, being, and physical expression as we move into harmony with these cosmic patterns? What is the interplay between consciousness and manifest form?

Using Focus 34/35 as our launch pad, we explore the mystery and majesty of energy systems throughout our Milky Way galaxy and beyond—moving gradually into new states of awareness, being, and perception through Focus 49. Aided by images from space telescopes, and sound translations of the radiations from various celestial bodies (the true music of the spheres), we collectively journey into inter-dimensional frontiers—seeking, asking, observing—awakening past and future memories associated with these distant energy systems, and thereby reclaiming more of our Total Self.

We move into even greater awareness of our I-There, our I-There Cluster, and the bonded relationships with other I-There Clusters, experiencing the love, joy, and freedom of wholeness; the empowerment of purpose and the transcendent peace of the perfect plan.

As we explore, we forge and strengthen pathways for others to follow, and expand connections between our beloved planet and the energetic sources which nurture her. As a representative delegation of Earth human consciousness now, we traverse time and space, beginning our new roles as “galactic ambassadors.” From this “different overview,” we bring back to Earth the patterns, perceptions, and visions, which allow humanity, and all earth life, to more easily attune to life-affirming futures. Along the way, we explore the energetic black hole/stargate of the galactic core, discerning its potential to perhaps aid us in “warp-speed” transformation.

It’s now up to you. The journey awaits. Register today to explore the universe, greatly expand your awareness, and go where few humans have gone before.

Encouraged and assisted by inner guidance, Franceen King developed this program for TMI, drawing on her lifetime of consciousness exploration and contemporary research in the fields of astronomy, astrophysics, archeology, and ancient mysteries.

International Starlines Date10/09/2020 to 10/14/2020
Country LocationJapan
Language Japanese
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International TrainerMas Sakamoto