Conscious Presence May 1 - 7, 2020 Verona, Italy (Italian/English)

Conscious Presence May 1 - 7, 2020 Verona, Italy (Italian/English)

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Prerequisites: None

The full power of intention can only manifest itself when one is fully awake and present in the here and now. According to CW Leadbeater in The Inner Life: “Evolution is not merely based on a linear progression but on an expansion of consciousness in depth in which latent powers are actualized and brought under conscious control by the individual.”

Conscious Presence helps you find the sacred time and space you need to create an intentional life born of this presence. With gratitude and appreciation for life comes freedom, confidence, fresh perspective and new opportunities. Via beneficial, residual effects that remain after the program ends, Conscious Presence will help you discover a way of blissfully “being” in the conscious world, rather than “doing” or “escaping” from it.


Conscious Presence is a journey we take together, to the frontiers of our present understanding of human consciousness; the more we understand consciousness, the more we understand who we truly are. In fact, many participants report experiencing a connection to All That Is, similar to the connection described in many wisdom traditions.

And Conscious Presence is dynamic: it’s a new program every time because it constantly evolves—along with The Monroe Institute's (TMI’s) research and understanding—based on the experiences and exploration of past participants. Together we are exploring human consciousness and all its possibilities in new ways. As you help further TMI’s research, you’ll have the opportunity to be one of the first to encounter new, Conscious Presence-triggered experiences.

What You’ll Learn

Conscious Presence is held at The Monroe Institute® in Virginia. It consists of a series of unique, SAM-powered audio-guidance exercises to help you develop the following skills:

  • Experiencing the heart essence of gratitude and appreciation in the clear and present moment (bliss)—rather than “pursuing happiness”
  • Experiencing various orientations and phase perspectives of consciousness—time/space (locale 1) and beyond time/space (locale 2—quantum entanglement)
  • Exploring and altering your perspective—speeding up the conscious refresh rate (see every detail in slow motion) or slowing it down (get to the things you want)
  • Experiencing greater access to being “in the zone” (or “in the present”) due to more incidences of gamma synchrony
  • Embracing an “in-the-body” experience—going within to find answers rather than going “out there” to get answers

In addition to audio-guidance exercises, you’ll have the opportunity to experience:

  • Group discussions
  • Application sessions
  • Free time to relax, assimilate experiences, exercise, and/or socialize
int_conscious_presence_date05/01/2020 to 05/07/2020
International TrainerStefano Roverso
Country LocationItaly
Language Italian/Engliish
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