Keli Adams | Drop the BS (Belief Systems) and BE

Keli Adams | Drop the BS (Belief Systems) and BE


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Leave all opinions, judgments, and BS (belief systems) at the door before you begin to read this book. Give yourself wiggle room to stretch your perceptions about "reality," DROP the BS (belief systems) and allow Keli Adams to take you on a brief, sometimes humorous, always thought-provoking roller-coaster ride of bizarre experiences throughout her life, and her acceptance of very unique abilities she uses to help people.

Keep reading as she offers you a simple yet powerful way to shift your perceptions and change your own life instantly and profoundly. Mind-Shrug, drop into the POUP, and BE. (Drop into the Pool of Unlimited Potential and BE.) Quantum play keeps the ego away. The last section of the book contains The SOELI Transmissions. SOELI is the Source of Energy-Light- Information..."God." Keli gets out of the way, sits at her computer, and types information that comes straight from SOELI. Keli has no idea what has been said, and the transcript you will read is the pure, raw, and unedited transmission. Only a simple spell check has been done for easier reading.

Keli Adams has been studying the mind/body connection, other dimensions and states of consciousness, quantum physics, and alternative healing for over thirty years. She firmly believes that our perception creates our reality, and if you shift your perception, you shift your reality. Keli is a psychic medium, inter-species communicator, paranormal researcher for over twenty-five years, medical intuitive, healing facilitator, hypnotherapist, Reiki master/teacher, Silva graduate, grief counselor, psychometrist, labyrinth facilitator, and author. This is her seventh book. She has been a flight attendant for a major American airline since 1986 and lives somewhere, nowhere, and everywhere with her small herd of cats. Keli offers group spirit communication "GatheringZ," one-on-one sessions, and group talks. Her unique DROPzone "play dates" have become hugely popular. As Keli puts it, "Show up, shut up, drop into the POUP (Pool of Unlimited Potential), and play." Leave all the BS (belief systems) and opinions at the door, and come in with a childlike, open-hearted sense of trust, curiosity, and play. You leave three hours later "repatterned, recalibrated, and restored" on many deep levels. For more information about Keli, her books, or services, visit

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