Lifeline® September 4 - 10, 2020 Brazil (in Portuguese)

Lifeline® September 4 - 10, 2020 Brazil (in Portuguese)

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Contact and Retrieve Nonphysical Others and Parts of Yourself

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Prerequisites: Gateway Voyage®

Lifeline provides access to profound states of consciousness beyond those experienced in the Gateway Voyage® and Guidelines®programs. Its primary emphasis is service to those Here in physical matter reality as well as to those There who have died and desire assistance.

Service Here is offered through gaining familiarity with and becoming adept at sending healing energy to those who request it. This is done using techniques to direct energies, and to improve and enhance others’ physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual functioning.

Service There is accomplished by becoming knowledgeable about Focus Levels 23 through 27. Focus 23 is often experienced as an area in which certain souls, for a variety of reasons, may become “stuck” following their transitions from physical life. Lifeline participants learn to comfortably make contact with such individuals and offer assistance, performing what is referred to as “rescues and retrievals.” Stuck souls are assisted to move to Focus 27, to an afterlife reception center or way station. There they are met by loved ones and guides who direct them to the most appropriate areas for their next stages of development.

Participants are also given the opportunity to explore Focus Levels 24, 25, and 26 (the Belief System Territories) and to investigate facets of their own current beliefs and patterns of operating within the world. Questions that arise often take a form such as “What is my most limiting belief?” and “How do my present beliefs support me in exploring as freely and fully as I would like?”

Significant impact during the week derives from the personal revelations that frequently evolve from “rescue and retrieval” activities. Beyond the considerable satisfaction of helping others move forward, many participants realize that at the same time they are also retrieving lost parts or fragments of themselves, and thus coming into more wholeness, completion, and balance.

Numerous people who have taken Lifeline report the development of a deep assurance that all life continues to exist after physical bodies have been shed. Realization often occurs through meeting lost loved ones as well as assisting strangers’ stuck spirits. The assurance of immortality is a major factor in quality-of-life enrichment.

International Lifeline Date09/04/2020 to 09/10/2020
Country LocationBrazil
Language Portuguese
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International TrainerDeborah Sachs