What on Earth by Suzanne Taylor

What on Earth by Suzanne Taylor

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Take a ride with filmmaker Suzanne Taylor as she engages a fascinating subculture of artists, educators, geometers, philosophers, and farmers, enthralled by the mystery of crop circles.

For twenty years, Taylor has been part of a lively international community that gathers in England every summer to study and document circle developments. What On Earth? Inside the Crop Circle Mystery, winner of the Best Feature Documentary Award from the UFO Film Congress, is filled with stunning imagery of the circles. It deals with how our scientific materialistic worldview hampers serious investigation of one of the greatest mysteries of our time, and the many indications that the phenomenon is not a human perpetration. It goes on to speculate about what would happen if it were ascertained that the circles do indeed come from other intelligence -- how that would help us think as a planet, which would give us our best chance to solve the pressing global problems that challenge us now.

AuthorSuzanne Taylor
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