The Path: Afterlife by Michael Habernig

The Path: Afterlife by Michael Habernig


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Michael Habernig the owner of Habernig Productions and director of The Path is a man with a personal vision to impact the world with a documentary on the soul’s purpose and healing. 

After the death of many people in his life in such a short period of time he had no choice but to begin to question "What is going on here?" He began to feel a strong gut instinct that he needed to make a documentary about death and to bring an audience along his path of healing and to tell his story through film how it was that he came to learn more about the paranormal, afterlife and different healing modalities. He knew he somehow had to turn his depression into a positive energy form that could be used to bring about healing not only for himself but for others.

His goal is to inspire others who have lost someone dear so they can begin to heal, to release their fear of death and to learn that there is more to life than just living in this body. Hence...the beginning of The Path.

AuthorMichael Habernig
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