Introduction to Remote Viewing by Paul Elder and Skip Atwater

Introduction to Remote Viewing by Paul Elder and Skip Atwater


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Foundation for Global Humanity presents The Monroe Institute Introduction to Remote Viewing presented by Skip Atwater and Paul Elder.

The foundation for Global humanity is proud to present this DVD filmed at a Remote Viewing Practicum offered by The Monroe Institute.   Remote Viewing is a perceptual skill that enables an individual to acquire and describe information about people, objects, places or events anywhere in the world. This information is perceived psychically and is seemingly separated from the 'viewer' and his or her physical senses by distance, shielding, or time. Work at the Institute suggests that through the experience of remote viewing, one discovers that he or she is truly more than a physical body and consciously recognizes his or her true nature as a conscious, spiritual being. FGH's intention in creating this DVD was to introduce people to the concepts, protocol, history and purpose of Remote Viewing as presented by TMI.  There are so many valuable to teachings in this course for you to experience. You are a boundless sentient being immersed in a realm of non-local consciousness, and you'll come to an understanding of a hierarchy of meaningful interconnections. Such a sense of connection appears to lie outside the confines of space and time and yet, in some way resonates deeply with all of our experiences in the everyday world.