Hanta Yo! DVD

Hanta Yo! DVD


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Hanta Yo! is a Lakota Sioux invocation and prayer that calls upon the Great Spirit to clear the way and make the path ready for the seeker's spiritual evolution.
Included with Hanta Yo! is The Shaman's Heart Metamusic® soundtrack, which merges spellbinding shamanic music with Hemi-Sync® technology to create an unprecedented sonic landscape. The haunting stylings of Byron Metcalf and guest artist Steve Roach combined with Hemi-Sync whisk you away to an immersive shamanic ceremonial experience. Created by software designer and artist, Mika Feinberg, Hanta Yo offers a uniquely beautiful portal into Native American cosmology. The Hanta Yo image gallery includes:
  • Hopi Kokapelli Medicine Wheel
  • Cheyenne Symbol of the Universe Shield
  • Navajo Healing Snake Medicine Shield
  • Comanche Buffalo Totem
  • Mayan Tzolkin Mandala
  • Cheyenne The Four Winds Shield
  • San Idefonso Pueblo Thunderbird Shield
  • Pueblo Indian Rain Shield
  • The Lines of the Nazca Indians (Peru)
  • Papago Indian Sun Labyrinth
  • Inuit Indian Mandala
  • Navajo Hunting Shield 

Hanta Yo! is also available in the following formats:

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