Moen, Bruce | Voyage to Curiosity's Father

Moen, Bruce | Voyage to Curiosity's Father


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In this latest installment in his popular Exploring the Afterlife Series, Bruce Moen takes you on his deepest exploration of the vast, uncharted spaces beyond reality.

Meeting those who have gone before, he asks: What is consciousness? Where do we, and our perceptions, fit into what is ultimately real? How can we discover what lies before, and beyond, our lives on Earth? You will enjoy Moen’s ability to translate the difficult metaphysical concepts learned during his out-of-body explorations into easily understood metaphors and images. Going back … and back … and back to Curiosity’s Father provides a stunning glimpse into the ultimate nature of consciousness. It is a journey unlike any you have taken before.

AuthorBruce Moen
Available inPaperback
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