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Caudill, Maureen | Suddenly Psychic


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After attending the Monroe Institute's Gateway Voyage®, computer scientist Maureen Caudill let go of the ultra-rational, skeptical perspective she had maintained over a twenty-year career and joined the 50% of Americans who report having had psychic experiences.

She began studying at The Monroe Institute® to conduct a firsthand exploration of phenomena like clairvoyance, remote viewing, out of body experiences, channeling, and mediumship. In this book, she shares her new conviction that psychic abilities are a normal part of human consciousness and anyone can access them, using her scientific background to validate and explain her experiences.

Combining vivid descriptions of altered states of consciousness with an in-depth look at cutting-edge scientific theories that are consistent with these phenomena, Suddenly Psychic is a reader-friendly bridge between the mysteries of the mind and hard science that speaks to skeptics and believers alike. Millions of viewers are fascinated by the paranormal themes of hit shows like CBS’s “Ghost Whisperer” and NBC’s “Medium,” and have learned that the paranormal has a foundation in quantum physics from the film “What the Bleep do We Know?!” In Suddenly Psychic, Caudill goes one step further, offering curious readers a solid, if sometimes speculative, scientific basis for understanding how these abilities might operate, based on current, cutting edge cosmological and physics theories.

Suddenly Psychic forges a link between two apparently opposite world views — the personal experience of a psychic and the clear, questioning mind of a scientist — and shows readers that the two worlds are one and the same. Her message is simple: We are all psychic. These abilities are real. And current scientific theories are beginning to provide explanations for how and why they work. Suddenly Psychic will inspire readers everywhere to see for themselves what’s possible!

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