DeMarco, Frank | Babe in the Woods

DeMarco, Frank | Babe in the Woods


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Mystery School! Reporter Angelo Chiari is sent to attend a week-long residential program at the C.T. Merriman Institute, a course that promises to help participants to "develop their own extraordinary potential."

He doesn't believe a word of it, and expects to write a debunking article that will show people fooling themselves through their own wishful thinking. Surprise, Mr. Chiari! It isn't long before he begins to experience, first-hand, some of the things he has always assumed to be impossible. As new perceptions and intuitions accumulate, he has to consider how much of his old world-view he can modify without becoming (as he would put it) "a fruitcake." And there are more practical concerns as well, including the question of what happens when a long-married man falls in love (for reasons that cannot be explained rationally) with a long-married woman and they both know that a relationship is impossible. Yet this dilemma -- which in ordinary circumstances would be front-and-center -- is almost pushed aside by other extraordinary happenings and concerns, until Angelo finds himself living in a different world. Based on the author's personal experience, Babe in the Woods shows what it's like to take the first tentative steps toward greater awareness.

AuthorFrank DeMarco
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