Masterclass Webinar Series


Breathwork for Dispelling Anxiety and Enhancing Life Flow

April 29
Dr. Franceen King

By modifying patterns of breathing, one is able to restore balance amid stress-related responses, calm the mind and lessen symptoms of anxiety. Learn about the transformational power of Breathwork, and partake in brief breathing exercises and accompanying affirmations.

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An Intentional Perspective: Lessons in Resilience
May 6 
Dr. Scott Taylor

Amid significant uncertainty and life challenges, is it the optimist that prevails? Join Scott Taylor for a conversation about perspective, and Monroe tools that will help us remain hopeful, yet realistic during current circumstances.

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Tips for Flourishing in Uncertain Times

May 13
Patty Ray Avalon

Whatever changes may present themselves in the next few months, what seems most important to understand during these or any other times of uncertainty, is to develop our expanded human potential. Quite possibly, that’s the reason why we’re living through these times … to learn new skills, to discover new ways of being and to evolve into higher versions of ourselves.

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The Silver Lining: Personal Growth Through Life Challenges
May 20
Dr. Charlene Nicely

Challenges are an inevitable part of life. Some people face the most unthinkable tragedies and somehow come out on the other side stronger. In times of struggle, there are ways we can transform these challenges into opportunities for self-growth.

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Cosmic Upheaval: How Each Astrological Sign Can Triumph in these Turbulent Times
May 27
Nancy McMoneagle
Join past Monroe president and executive director Nancy “Scooter” McMoneagle for an astrological look at the major planetary influences affecting us now and into the foreseeable future. Learn how each astrological sign’s individual challenges and unique gifts are being activated by these transformative planetary transits—and how to successfully navigate these massive waves of change.

Energy Healing in Times of Challenge
June 3
Dr. Joe Gallenberger

Energy healing directs nonphysical energy toward highest body, mind and spirit potential for oneself and others. This webinar will focus on energy tips and tools for this challenging time.

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