Beth Haley

outreach Trainer

Beth has always been fascinated by the mysteries of the human mind and spirit. The capabilities displayed by many individuals who have healed themselves in miraculous ways gives her constant encouragement to study and continue to learn what innate powers we might all have. The skills and techniques which some individuals have used to facilitate their own amazing or seemingly “miraculous healings” can be adapted to our own life. The concepts these individuals use to experience their own miracles in life may become the answer to your own questions about life.

Beth is constantly amazed and inspired by the capacity for love which is demonstrated though the many daily acts of heroism and courage displayed by “normal/everyday” individuals. As each of us allows ourselves to become more aware of, and align ourselves to our own “Higher Self Image”, our daily existence acquires a heightened sense of meaning. We are then able to express the wisdom we gain by becoming more consciously creative in making our own “life choices".

Beth assists others in finding their own guidance in a supportive and understanding manner. As we each reframe the events from the past; a clearer vision of what is possible for the future emerges and through that possibility we are able to discover what is needed in the present to move towards realizing our own potential.

Beth has been spent lots of time studying in an attempt to come to an understanding of what consciousness is. After reading the book by Richard Bach, Johnathan Livingston Seagull in Grade 7, Beth began reading nearly everything that crossed her path in a journey to discover this new vista of Consciousness exploration. In her latest journey along this path, she has most recently studied at The Monroe Institute®  to become an Outreach Facilitator and has recently been appointed a Regional Coordinator the Monroe Institute’s Local Chapter program. The Monroe Institute’s research into the relationship between sound, brain wave activity and expanded states of awareness is at the very forefront of neuro-science today.

Beth worked for twelve years in the accounting field for various oil and gas companies and then worked for a major bank for 10 years while also raising two children and running three successful companies with her husband of 30 years. Since 2001 Beth has had the ability to spend the majority of her time studying and taking classes in a quest to solve some of her own issues and concerns. After being asked by friends and family numerous times to assist them with some of their issues, she took her Life Coaching Certification and began to see clients in 2007.

In addition to teaching workshops, Beth Haley has a private counseling practice. Beth is a Certified Life Enhancement Coach, PSYCH-K Facilitator and an Outreach Facilitator for The Monroe Institute. Beth shares self-hypnosis, meditation and Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques with her clients. She has been studying and exploring the metaphysical field for thirty six years. Over the years, she has spent time with many teachers and has learned that we all have capabilities and gifts which are as individual as we are. We all have access to intuitive processes which we can each use to creatively resolve conflicts and limitations in our lives. Beth enjoys assisting others using her own intuition and the life skills she has gained. While each person’s journey is unique; the challenges we face along the journey are common to most people and that is where Beth’s experience as a coach allows her to provide guidance to her clients.

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