David Thomas

outreach Trainer

David’s mystical experiences began at an early age, which led him on a path of reading many books on the magical and mystical, historic warrior-kings, spiritual, religions and their history, shamanism, anthropology,  and many more things (un)explained. For as many answers, of course, there came more questions.  

David’s educational and professional background is in Economics and Business, insurance and brokerage, and the environment.  After working in the brokerage business and insurance for years, he spent over 25 years working to support a more ecologically and environmentally sustainable planet through products, services and practices.  

Concurrently,  within, he was both challenged and guided by external influence and internal guidance to balance left and right brain activities.  The dreams, the visions, the travels continued. David has practiced Reiki and other forms of energy work for over 25 years. He took up Transcendental Meditation.  He is experienced in the practice of medical qigong / meditation and shamanism with the guidance of acknowledged medical qigong masters and Shamanic guides. David studied Thai Yoga Massage with The Lotus Palm School of Thai Massage in NYC, at the Integral Yoga Institute.  He earned his ND. He has received certification by the Virginia Nursery and Landscape Association as a certified horticulturist and practices as such.    

During meditation, specific direction and guidance brought David to TMI for his first program.  His Gateway Voyage® experience shined a light on these combined experiences in a profoundly meaningful way. His  Gateway Voyage® was impactful to the degree that he went on to attend many more TMI Programs.  As David continued with these programs, the depth of knowing, feeling, Robert Monroe’s message of “ get it out there,"  and that “we are more than our physical bodies” deepened roots. This ultimately led David to accept an offer to become a board member and he later served as Chairman of the Board. He is still passionate to share that message as an Outreach Trainer.    

It is from this journey of being, this process of consciousness exploration, that David continues his personal discovery.  Today, he serves as a guide for others, grateful to those who have been and continue to be his guides and facilitators, together, embracing the potential of our being.

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