Kathryn Streletzky


In January 2000, I had an experience while whitewater kayaking in Mexico that sparked my exploration into the possibility that consciousness survives bodily death. That experience and others led me to "find out for myself" during my Gateway Voyage in November 2002. I wrote RiverRun:Adventures on the Edge of Enlightenment in the aftermath of death on the river, which led to an opening in consciousness that enabled me to support my dying sister in choosing life over time.

Most people, like me, come to The Monroe Institute® programs because we want to find out for ourselves if we can journey out of body or bend spoons or communicate with the dead. Most do go home with a personal experience of tapping into the source of our potential, even in a short weekend excursion. Here's a snippet from a participant who didn't think much happened during the workshop until after he returned home: 

Go to bed about 10:00 pm, try to get to sleep. Enter a twilight state; the grey area between sleep and wake. My body begins to buzz. The vibrations are very strong, stronger than I have ever felt before. It feels as though something portentous is about to occur. It is frightening, but I consciously decide to remain asleep. I start to will myself up and out of my body. There is much resistance. I open my eyes and am still in my bedroom. Strangely, though it is dark, I can clearly see. The vibrations are not only of my body, they are moving the bed, the room; they are also perceived as audio signals and light waves as well as physical sensations. I wonder if it’s an earthquake—except the curtains are motionless. Suddenly, a membrane pops … and I am into a dream, consciousness intact …:

Outreach participants tell me that they feel safe in the space our groups hold for each other during these weekend workshops. Many report our experience fosters a greater sense of connection and an elevated view of our everyday challenges.  I experience joy in sharing these Outreach Workshops, and participants include both the curious and those who have completed residency programs in Virginia. Here's to our great journey!

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