Marisol Perez

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I am Marisol Pérez, Facilitator of the Monroe Institute in Getafe (Madrid). Graduated from the Autonomous University of Madrid, I have been teaching since 1984.

All my family (my husband, our son and myself) started using Hemi-Sync® technology in 2005, doing weekend courses (workshops) with Carol Sabick and throughout these years we have been incorporating music and music. Relaxations-meditations to our daily life.

After several residential courses also with Carol Sabick and Arkaitz Escarmendi, I decided to share our experience with others: help others to know and use this simple and effective tool.

I feel especially motivated in the field of learning (for my professional career) in motivation, creativity, concentration, and improving academic performance.

I also feel a deep inclination for the issue of grief and posttraumatic stress caused by unexpected losses. I myself have verified in me (the whole family, in ourselves) the healing effects of Hemi-Sync® in these fields and that is why I aspire to share them with other people who may find themselves in similar circumstances.

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