Paul Elder

Paul Elder

Residential, Off-Campus Residential & Outreach Trainer

Paul Elder has spent a lifetime studying human nature from a unique perspective. He is a survivor of three near-death experiences: a drowning at the age of 12, a car accident at 17, and a heart attack at the age of 41. Along with the trauma and subsequent beauty of death came a series of spontaneous spiritual events — events that would turn his belief system upside down, leaving him with profound insights as to our true nature and purpose in the universe.

Eyes of Angel by Paul ElderAuthor of the acclaimed book, Eyes of an Angel, Elder is a former network television news announcer and a long-term mayor of a Canadian city. After spending nearly a decade in broadcasting, Paul ventured into a career of politics and business spanning more than 20 years. Forever grateful for his near-death encounters, his spiritual insights helped to mold and deeply influence his approach to politics, business, and life.

Specializing in Remote Viewing, Paul has been a Monroe Institute Outreach Trainer since 2002. He lives on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, and spends his time writing, teaching, and speaking throughout the United States and Canada on the phenomenon of near-death and out-of-body experiences and remote viewing.

In addition to his training duties at the Institute in Virginia, Paul also operates a West Coast facility on Vancouver Island, Canada, offering full six-day residential Monroe Institute programs including Gateway Voyage®, Guidelines, Lifeline, and Exploration 27®

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Due to the terrific response through our first 4 years on Vancouver Island, in 2016 we have expanded our operations to include 5  six-day residential programs — two Gateway programs, and three graduate programs.

We’ve also expanded our venue to two beautiful ocean-front facilities — Kiwi Cove Lodge near Ladysmith, and Ocean Resort & Spa, near Campbell River. Identical to the programs at the Institute’s headquarters, the Vancouver Island programs also fully qualify participants to attend graduate programs at the Monroe Institute in Virginia or on Vancouver Islan

  Contact Paul Elder:
  Address: 1876 Morello Road
  Nanoose Bay
  British Columbia, Canada V9P 9B1
  Phone: (250) 730-7701
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