Beyond Earth Life

Observe, experience, and transcend limiting beliefs as you go beyond the Earth's life system to discover your true Self

Explore the infinite space of Focus 27, plus other areas of unexplored consciousness beyond the Earth Life System. You have the unique opportunity to observe, learn, experience, and transcend limiting beliefs as you come to know more of where you came from, where you are going, and your true Self.

This program empowers you to experience deep, targeted states of consciousness. Through participation in this program, you have the potential to experience:  

  • A Special Tour – returning to your place in Special Place in Focus 27, you will obtain an overview of other areas you will explore in more detail

  • The Entry Director – learn about some of your own personal histories, and the steps in preparing to enter a physical body

  • Educational Opportunities – opportunity to ask for a personal demonstration of how the Education Center functions

  • Healing and Regeneration Center – receive a personal experience for whatever healing, regeneration, or balancing you are most in need of.

  • The Planning Center – observe and participate in the place which oversees energy patterns in the Earth Life System.

  • Coordination Area – meet the energy beings responsible for maintaining and managing this area of Focus 27 and learn about opportunities for further growth and development.

  • Inner Earth – meet with the Intelligences who maintain the physical Earth and explore the different mineral kingdoms as you make your way to the inner Earth core.

  • The Absolute – unique opportunity to experience graduating from the Earth Life System.

Beyond Earth Life is offered in an online Moodle classroom

It is taught by using Wave VIII "Union". This course is intended to be completed in three weeks. You can, however, adjust the schedule to meet your needs.

A trainer will support your questions through a weekly 1-hour video conference

Through online discussions and shared experiences, you will be part of a collaborative learning community. A knowledgeable and skilled Monroe trainer will be your guide throughout the program as you learn to use new tools for deeper levels of meditation and self-discovery.

Experience the power of Hemi-Sync© audio guidance technology. Learn tools and techniques that allow you to quickly and easily enter into expanded states of awareness. 

Embark upon an odyssey of self-discovery!

  • Wave VIII Union - Explore other possibilities in the infinite space of Focus 27, plus other areas of unexplored consciousness beyond the Earth Life System.

Course Materials and Enrollment

The course fee does NOT include the course materials. You may purchase the audio exercises Wave VIII separately from our store.

Once you've purchased your "Beyond Earth Life" online course, you'll receive instructions for completing your program application and creating your Moodle account and the program schedule.

Maximum enrollment, 30 students


Relax and enjoy this free audio sample to experience the deep relaxation and instantaneous expanded meditative state that Monroe's audio provides.

What You Get

In addition to the program materials and audio exercises, you will receive the following benefits.

  • Trainer Facilitation

    Throughout your program a Monroe trainer will be there to answer your questions and support and guide you.

  • Learn Valuable Tools

    Explore, navigate and use the non-physical aspects of your own higher consciousness.

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Beyond Earth Life

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Beyond Earth Life

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