Buhlman, William | Adventures Beyond the Body

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Buhlman, William | Adventures Beyond the Body

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In Adventures Beyond the Body, William Buhlman recounts his fascinating experiences with astral travel, connects this phenomenon with current cosmological theories, and suggests that we all have the capability to travel to parallel universes. Don't worry about getting lost--Adventures  is filled with well mapped methods for finding your way out of your body and into other worlds. Control is Buhlman's mantra, specifically control over our fear of the unknown. He precisely addresses the common events that can occur during an out-of-body experience, taking the fear out of the journey, and allowing you to focus on living the adventure.

Learn how you can:

    * Explore your true spiritual self and attain profound transformation in your awareness and knowledge of the universe.

    * Gain life-changing benefits as you break free from mental and physical limitations.

    * Contact departed loved ones using OBEs to move beyond the current limited understanding of death.

Filled with engrossing stories based on the testimonies of people from all over the world, and offering forty new, easy-to-understand techniques, "The Secret of the Soul" will prepare human beings everywhere for the next major leap in the evolution of consciousness. An Insightful, practical book that cuts through the bull and provides hard-hitting facts based upon extensive research and experience.

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