Dawn Mountain Download


Dawn Mountain Download

About Leigh Ann Phillips:
I live in a valley above an ancient sea. To the east is the grandeur of Mount Blanca. The Native Americans call this 14,000-foot peak, Dawn Mountain – The Gatekeeper of the Sunrise. This album is an acoustic offering for them.

The quartz crystal singing bowls have their own song. Within the note of each of these precious gemstone bowls lies a river of overtones that sing above and over the music. This SAM supported CD blends the harmonious music of Leigh Ann Phillips’ Dawn Mountain with SAM technology to encourage a relaxed body and focused mind.

Caution: Do not listen to Spatial Angle Modulation™ (SAM) technology while driving or operating heavy equipment. If you have a tendency towards seizures, or adverse mental condition(s), do not listen to SAM technology without first consulting your physician. While SAM technology may contribute to wellness, it is not intended to replace medical diagnosis and treatment. SAMusic™ is produced by The Monroe Institute.

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