Gateway Experience

Enter the Gateway of higher consciousness in this 8-week online course to explore beyond the physical realm.

Explore various states of expanded awareness through direct experience. This course takes you from the physical waking state, through deep relaxation, and ultimately into unexplored dimensions of your consciousness. Discover how to perceive and control your non-physical energy.


Grab your headphones, find a quiet place to relax and enjoy this free audio sample.  Experience the deep relaxation and instantaneous expanded meditative state of Monroe's Sound Science technology.


Experience the power of Monroe Sound Science audio guidance technology. Learn tools and techniques that allow you to quickly and easily enter into expanded states of awareness. Gateway Experience is offered in a Moodle online classroom and is taught in four Waves. Each Wave is intended to be completed in two weeks. You can,however, adjust the schedule to meet your needs.

Embark upon an odyssey of self-discovery!

  • Wave I Discovery - Introduces the Mind Awake/Body Asleep state (Focus 10) and other "mental tools" to help you experience states of expanded awareness
  • Wave II Threshold - Learn more Focus 10 "mental tools" and benefit from exercises which take you to a state of expanded awareness known as Focus 12
  • Wave V Exploring - (A Journey to Focus 15) From the now-familiar state of Focus 12, you will be introduced to Focus 15 — the "No Time" state - the state of simply being
  • Wave VI Odyssey - (A Journey to Focus 21) Embark upon an odyssey of self-discovery. Wave VI features high adventure exercises in Focus 21 (the bridge to other energy systems)

Weekly video conferences with the trainer. Through online discussion and shared experience, you will be part of a collaborative learning community. A knowledgeable and skilled Monroe trainer will be your guide throughout the program as you learn to use new tools for deeper levels of meditation and self-discovery.

Maximum enrollment, 30 students
Course Materials
The course fee does NOT include the course materials. You may purchase the audio exercises Wave I, Wave II, Wave V, and Wave VI separately from our store.

Relax and enjoy this free audio sample to experience the deep relaxation and instantaneous expanded meditative state that Monroe's audio provides.

What You Get

In addition to video and or written course instructions and access to streamed audio exercises available during the course, you will receive the following benefits.

  • Qualifies as a Prerequisite

    Certain Monroe programs require a prerequisite. Completion of this program will allow you to attend the next level of advanced programming.

  • Trainer Facilitation

    Throughout your program a Monroe trainer will be there to answer your questions and support and guide you.

  • Additional Audio Exercises

    Continue your exploration once the program has ended with a take home audio exercise.

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Gateway Experience

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Gateway Experience

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