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Revisioning Robert A. Monroe

By Scott Taylor, EdD, President & Executive Director

I am honored to have worked with Bob Monroe when I was a trainer in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. It was inspiring to hear him regale Gateway Voyage participants—with incredible lucidity and pragmatism—about his discoveries in consciousness.

If Bob were still alive, he would be 104 years old on October 30th. His birthday is a nice time to reflect on where we’ve been and where we are going. What aspects of Bob’s legacy do we carry forward? What’s next for Monroe? What is beyond his vision?

Go with what you get … and BE

By Keli Adams, Author, Psychic, Monroe Program Graduate

Being trained and "certified" in many modalities, I had developed quite a few unique intuitive gifts and skills. But I was still desperately seeking an explanation for who I am; a nice left-brained cardboard box in which I would comfortably "fit," so that I could quit flapping around in the wind and figure out what the heck I was becoming and what to do with it all.

Psychopomp Work at Holocaust Sites

By Donald W. Paulus, Shaman, Poet, and Monroe Program Graduate

“They die suddenly and without preparation for death. They get stuck, not even realizing they are dead.” 

It was 1992. I was attending a program at the Monroe Institute. I did not realize that the direction of my life was about to be forever altered. Bob Monroe had just answered my question on how spirits can get caught between worlds; why they require what shamans call psychopomp work, a form of soul retrieval or liberation from mortal ties.

My Self Portrait as a Hole

By Erika Mizukami, a TMI multiple-program participant

In February 2010, I started drawing mandala art and communicating with invisible guides through the art. One day, when I completed my piece of art, the whispering I perceived from the guide was, "This is your self-portrait. You are at the center of all. You are not a line, not a dot, not even color at all. You exist at the center point,  A HOLE."

And Awaaay We Go!!!

By Helene Ramos, TMI program participant

Reprinted with permission of The Echo World, August 2019

''And Awaaay We Go!!!''

And that's how I felt a few weeks ago as I, and 23 other adventurers, gathered at The Monroe Institute (TMI) for a six-day intensive to explore states of consciousness, specifically out-of-body experiences (OBEs).