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The Step Beyond

When Nancy Penn Monroe, my wife for twenty-three years and co-founder of The Monroe Institute, contracted breast cancer, I was sure that our methods and techniques along with conventional medical treatment would take care of the problem. Then, as her condition slowly worsened, the realization came that we should have some Death Insurance ... Thus Lifeline was born.

Lifelines' Back Story 
as Told by Robert A. Monroe in 1994

8 Tips for Accessing Your Inner Guidance

Excerpted from TMI's Guidelines Program

To open the lines of communication it is generally a good idea to go into free flow meditation exercises with a purpose (problem-solving, communications, patterning, etc.)—even if the purpose is as simple as experiencing the “feel” of various levels of consciousness. Remember that most experiences and/or communications in expanded states of consciousness are non-verbal and will be perceived in terms of images, symbols, colors, sensations, feelings, a knowing, or a flash of insight/understanding. Keep all modes of perception open!

The Law of Attraction in Action

by Manhal Wieland, TMI Program Graduate

When a friend of mine suggested the Law of Attraction retreat, I had to give it a lot of thought. There are so many programs at Monroe that I want to attend, and this one was not the next one I had in mind, particularly since I already knew a lot about the Law of Attraction.

I have been following this work for the last 10-15 years, and was very familiar with the principles behind the Law of Attraction, as well the things that facilitate and interfere with manifestation. As a psychologist, I have also been rather skeptical about the many claims of manifestation, particularly because of the complexity of human behavior and how difficult change often is. However, after reading the bio of the group leaders, and knowing how much I love being at Monroe, I decided to go.

NDE and the Journey to the Self

By Robyn Adams, Gateway Voyage Graduate

Although this NDE occurred sixty years ago when I was thirteen I still remember it vividly. I was in hospital waiting for my appendix to be removed when they burst. I was floating above my body towards a light.