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2020: What’s Your Perfect Vision?

By Scott Taylor
President & Executive Director

We see that, in the current environment, people need a bigger concept of self. Founder Robert Monroe emphasized that message, saying, “You are more than your physical body.” ... we as human beings exist in both the physical and nonphysical realms, at all levels and all dimensions, all the time.

Technology with a Capital “T”

By Scott Taylor, EdD, President & Executive Director

After 40 years of teaching Monroe programs, we’ve learned a lot about what makes for a successful experience. And we’ve come to understand that the technology, while important, is only part of the success formula.

Sophie’s Choice: A Transpersonal Experiment

By Andrea Berger, MS, Transpersonal Studies, a Monroe Institute Residential, Outreach, and Online Trainer, and program designer

As I asked within for help, I felt my guides around me and something inside clicked … and the fear suddenly dissipated, like fog in the sunshine. I felt so powerful … and I suddenly knew what to say and do … and time and space stood still and felt plastic, malleable … and I knew that I could mentally control the outcome of the situation. I will not give away my power! This is the lesson to be learned in this situation.