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My Self Portrait as a Hole

By Erika Mizukami, a TMI multiple-program participant

In February 2010, I started drawing mandala art and communicating with invisible guides through the art. One day, when I completed my piece of art, the whispering I perceived from the guide was, "This is your self-portrait. You are at the center of all. You are not a line, not a dot, not even color at all. You exist at the center point,  A HOLE."

And Awaaay We Go!!!

By Helene Ramos, TMI program participant

Reprinted with permission of The Echo World, August 2019

''And Awaaay We Go!!!''

And that's how I felt a few weeks ago as I, and 23 other adventurers, gathered at The Monroe Institute (TMI) for a six-day intensive to explore states of consciousness, specifically out-of-body experiences (OBEs).

Factors in achieving expanded states: Aligning my vibration, setting intention, and using the tools learned in TMI courses

By Jim Lewis, PhD

I had previously purchased a few SAM CDs in the bookstore. While they were good meditation exercises, they hadn’t helped provide any new or profound experiences for me at that time.

But, what I call the “new” SAM that I experienced in Discovery provided exactly that—new and profound experiences.

A Visit to Otherwhere

by Kurt Leland, author

I noticed an intense light far away. I made my way toward it. It turned out to be an exit from the cave. When I emerged from this exit, I found myself in the midst of a brilliance so dazzling that I was stunned, unable to move. As I got used to the brightness, I began to make out the features of a landscape. Everything was bathed in golden light.

How to Go from Fear-Based Expectations to Heart-Based Experience

by Joseph Gallenberger, PhD, TMI Residential Program Designer-Trainer

I was booking a trip to Las Vegas where for the first time in my life I was going to fly first class. Because of my previous play at the casino I was being given a free room for the first time. I was very excited about the trip and had just two small niggling worries. They were: “I wonder how they will treat an old hippy like me in first class?” and, “I wonder what kind of hotel room they will give me for free?”