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Sophie’s Choice: A Transpersonal Experiment

By Andrea Berger, MS, Transpersonal Studies, a Monroe Institute Residential, Outreach, and Online Trainer, and program designer

As I asked within for help, I felt my guides around me and something inside clicked … and the fear suddenly dissipated, like fog in the sunshine. I felt so powerful … and I suddenly knew what to say and do … and time and space stood still and felt plastic, malleable … and I knew that I could mentally control the outcome of the situation. I will not give away my power! This is the lesson to be learned in this situation.

Spiritual Awakening

by Cheryl Phibbs, Monroe programs graduate

This spiritual awakening is what I had read about in my Eastern philosophy books. This awakening is what people are seeking when they go to India and study with gurus. In the end, it seems that the seeking itself continued my suffering. I needed to look at the source of seeking to find the truth. What a surprise to find it at the Monroe Institute.

I Wonder What’s Out There?

By Donna Rebadow, Monroe Program Graduate

I have been growing and developing since the day I became “aware” as I was swinging on the family swing in our back yard. I was 4 years old. I can distinctly remember asking myself this question: “I wonder what’s out there?” The feeling that I had was one of extreme curiosity and that I thought I’d like to spend my life looking for all the adventures that were out there that I could.

Revisioning Robert A. Monroe

By Scott Taylor, EdD, President & Executive Director

I am honored to have worked with Bob Monroe when I was a trainer in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. It was inspiring to hear him regale Gateway Voyage participants—with incredible lucidity and pragmatism—about his discoveries in consciousness.

If Bob were still alive, he would be 104 years old on October 30th. His birthday is a nice time to reflect on where we’ve been and where we are going. What aspects of Bob’s legacy do we carry forward? What’s next for Monroe? What is beyond his vision?

Go with what you get … and BE

By Keli Adams, Author, Psychic, Monroe Program Graduate

Being trained and "certified" in many modalities, I had developed quite a few unique intuitive gifts and skills. But I was still desperately seeking an explanation for who I am; a nice left-brained cardboard box in which I would comfortably "fit," so that I could quit flapping around in the wind and figure out what the heck I was becoming and what to do with it all.