TMI News

How to Go from Fear-Based Expectations to Heart-Based Experience

by Joseph Gallenberger, PhD, TMI Residential Program Designer-Trainer

I was booking a trip to Las Vegas where for the first time in my life I was going to fly first class. Because of my previous play at the casino I was being given a free room for the first time. I was very excited about the trip and had just two small niggling worries. They were: “I wonder how they will treat an old hippy like me in first class?” and, “I wonder what kind of hotel room they will give me for free?”

How TMI Broke the Mold and I Returned Transformed

By Candice Sanderson, author, TMI program grad, Local Chapter Network member

My footsteps echo as I walk down the recessed hallways, past doors of different shapes, colors, and materials. Which one calls to me today? I stop and turn. Yes, that feels right. Twisting the antique brass knob, I enter.

How did I get here? Was this a dream? No, not at all. This was a gift from The Monroe Institute.

TMI Copper Wall Research Update

By Ross Dunseath, PhD, TMI Research Coordinator

We are pleased to report that The Monroe Institute (TMI) now has a functional Copper Wall Room.

What is that? In brief, it's a booth that has shiny copper panels on four sides (front, back, ceiling, and floor), and an electrically insulated glass floor. It was a design originally used by Tibetan monks as an aid in developing what they called "lucidity." ... Electric field measurements are sensitive to movement artifact, so we are video recording the participants and synchronizing the video and instrumentation measurements. This research provides an opportunity for additional validation of a body field effect by using Biofield Imaging to see if anomalous body voltage events synchronize with changes in biofield images.

Remote Viewing and Seeking the True Way of a Kendōka

By E., a TMI Remote Viewing Participant and Martial Arts Champion

Long gone are the days of playing “chicken” with cars while driving my electric bike on the crazy streets of China. During the beginning of my third decade of doing martial arts, specifically Kendo (the way of the sword), remote viewing came into my life through an unexpected synchronistic sequence of events.

A Focus Level for All Seasons—Bob Monroe’s "Hidden" Gem

By John Kortum, TMI Residential Trainer and Guest Trainer

People quest to The Monroe Institute for many reasons. Whether it’s OBEs, Guidance, Soul Retrievals, Healing, Remote Viewing, or Reading Robert Monroe’s books, the source is all the same—The Call of the Consciousness Wild! As sentient creatures of curiosity, it’s only a matter of time until we heed that call.