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The Copper Wall Project

The Copper Wall Project

Researching the physiological generation of high voltages and electric fields in humans.

By Ross Dunseath, TMI Research Coordinator

Are you an “exceptional” generator? TMI’s Copper Wall project is gearing up to study body-generated electric fields comparing regular and exceptional participants.

Altering Time and Sowing Seeds of Kindness

The TMI Universe: Altering Time and Sowing Seeds of Kindness

By Brian Dailey, TMI Outreach Trainer, Guest Residential Trainer, and member of the Board of Advisors, Professional Division, and Dolphin Energy Club

I recently had a few surgeries. Part of my therapy involves lying in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber (100% oxygen, 2.5 atmospheres, the equivalent of scuba diving at a depth of 80 feet) for three hours, five days a week, going on four months now. ... Some people go bonkers with boredom and claustrophobia in the small enclosed space of the chamber.