TMI News

Reaching Out in Spain

By Enrique Ramos Corbacho, TMI Outreach Trainer

The Community is Capable of Greater Achievements than the Isolated Individual

"As a community grows, its self-reflective consciousness reaches a breakpoint and opens up to the possibility of achieving even greater goals."


TMI’s Local Chapter Network: A Consciousness Community in Action

By Clifford “Tip” Walker, Residential, Guest, & Outreach Trainer

If you are reading this, your life has been affected for the better—possibly even transformed, as mine was—through your experience with The Monroe Institute. Therefore, first, let me introduce you to a world of like-minded and like-spirited people who are eager to dig deeper into the truth that is TMI’s basic premise: You are more than your physical body. And, second, let me assure you that you can participate with other Monroe consciousness explorers in that deep digging wherever you are on the planet!

Discovery: Combining Research and Consciousness Exploration at TMI

by Ross Dunseath, TMI Research Coordinator

The challenge is on! Show the world (and yourself) that consciousness expansion is real and can be scientifically validated.

This past December a group of intrepid explorers gathered at The Monroe Institute to meet this challenge and make a contribution to the advancement of human scientific knowledge. They were remarkably successful.