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Robert A. Monroe 100th Birthday

He Reinvented What it Means to Be Human

Out-of-body expert and founder of The Monroe Institute®, Robert A. Monroe, is celebrated in this animated short by filmmaker Mike George.

Monroe's birthday on October 30, 2015, marks his 100th year.

What in the World?

Can you imagine the Global Awakening of Humanity?

What does that look like? How does it feel? As an awakened human, who are you?

The Monroe Institute’s vision statement is “The Global Awakening of Humanity.”

Joshua's Story

After the program Joshua made statements like: “This is the best experience of my entire life,” “I came here doubting there was existence after death. Now I know there is not only that but tons of other levels to reality,” “I have decided to reset my goals.

From the Director’s Chair: July 2015

Hello, Everyone!

The view from the Director’s chair is unique. My perspective reveals a panorama the length and breadth of The Monroe Institute. Its terrain from inception to the present is crisp and clear, solid. From now forward I sense a strong path, as yet unfocused, but vibrant and alight with potential.