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Joshua's Story

After the program Joshua made statements like: “This is the best experience of my entire life,” “I came here doubting there was existence after death. Now I know there is not only that but tons of other levels to reality,” “I have decided to reset my goals.

From the Director’s Chair: July 2015

Hello, Everyone!

The view from the Director’s chair is unique. My perspective reveals a panorama the length and breadth of The Monroe Institute. Its terrain from inception to the present is crisp and clear, solid. From now forward I sense a strong path, as yet unfocused, but vibrant and alight with potential.

What is a Consciousness Spa?

The Monroe Institute is known world wide for its transformative six-day programs, but there is a group of shorter high-impact programs, unique weekend getaways at TMI’s pastoral Virginia campus, where you can dive deeply, shift quickly, and leave restored.