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Cancer Patients Using Hemi-Sync® for Relief

by Allyn Evans, Guest Trainer, The Monroe Institute

According to the Mayo Clinic, alternative modalities, like sound technology, can help with common symptoms resulting from the diagnosis or disease such as anxiety, fatigue, nausea and vomiting, pain, difficulty sleeping and stress.

So, Hemi-Sync® Works! But How?

by Allyn Evans, Guest Trainer, The Monroe Institute

Specific combinations and layers of signals, for example, can help individuals achieve laser-like focus and concentration. Hemi-Sync® is one example and is a trade name.

From the Director's Chair: January 2016

This is my first chance since 2015 to say—a very Happy 2016 to you all! Last year we launched new programs and initiatives that, with your direct assistance, are coming to fruition! For instance, and this is a biggie, we put out a call to fill two new staff and three new Board of Director positions.

Hemi-Sync Experiences

The Monroe Institute® regularly receives emails and letters from people around the world describing their personal experiences using TMI programs and Hemi-Sync® CDs. The Hemi-Sync Experience articles are a collection of their letters and testimonials.