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We Can't Do It Without YOU!

The Monroe Institute would not exist without the thousands of volunteers who give freely of their time, effort, and resources to ensure that TMI continues to evolve and thrive. Our international volunteer community is a passionate, smart, committed group of consciousness pioneers.

The Party of the Century!

The Party of the Century———And Your Consciousness is Invited

Join the nonphysical festivities!
TONIGHT! October 30th between 5:30 PM and 8:30 PM Eastern Time at The Monroe Institute.

This Crystal is Your Target and your Destination.

Robert A. Monroe 100th Birthday

He Reinvented What it Means to Be Human

Out-of-body expert and founder of The Monroe Institute®, Robert A. Monroe, is celebrated in this animated short by filmmaker Mike George.

Monroe's birthday on October 30, 2015, marks his 100th year.

What in the World?

Can you imagine the Global Awakening of Humanity?

What does that look like? How does it feel? As an awakened human, who are you?

The Monroe Institute’s vision statement is “The Global Awakening of Humanity.”