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The Widow Maker—A Near-Death Experience

As near-death experiences (NDEs) continue gaining recognition in contemporary cultures, more people feel freer to report the life-changing NDEs they’ve had. The account below is an excellent example.

My eyes opened and staring down at me were three unfamiliar faces. “Sir,” one of them said in an indistinct voice, “we are taking you to the hospital.”

Understanding Cosmology—Your Path to Freedom

By Scott Taylor, TMI Residential and Guest Trainer, NDE Researcher

Bob Monroe’s Focus Levels describe one street to explore in the nonphysical. Near-death experiencers have described another. Each is equally valid, just a different road and addresses in the same city. ... Where would you like to explore? You can use Focus Levels or vibratory levels to jump off into territories now unknown.

What Do You Seek? How Can We Help?

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