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Las Vegas as a Psychokinesis Laboratory

The idea of using Las Vegas as my psychokinesis laboratory didn’t just pop into my head. I was already familiar with Vegas, having gone there to play about once every two years. Scanning back over those many years, I did have a few very unusual experiences that suggest psi in action.

Are Ghosts Real? TMI Experts Weigh In

Ghosts According to Joseph McMoneagle, William Buhlman, and Charleene Nicely

Are ghosts real? There are no easy answers, even from seasoned experts, people adept at consciously navigating the multiverse. Cultures around the world honor their dead through holidays and festivals. Halloween is only one of those, but it's coming up soon and presents a perfect opportunity to look at the ghost question.

From the Director's Chair: October 2017

So Much More than Human

Can a single week so powerfully impact someone’s life as to alter its arc and forever transform its evolutionary path? ... Like the proverbial pebble tossed into a pond, a ripple effect spreads the energy of transformation far and wide. One striking consequence of that uplifting energy is that it inspires us to gift others, to “pay it forward.”

The Step Beyond

When Nancy Penn Monroe, my wife for twenty-three years and co-founder of The Monroe Institute, contracted breast cancer, I was sure that our methods and techniques along with conventional medical treatment would take care of the problem. Then, as her condition slowly worsened, the realization came that we should have some Death Insurance ... Thus Lifeline was born.

Lifelines' Back Story 
as Told by Robert A. Monroe in 1994

8 Tips for Accessing Your Inner Guidance

Excerpted from TMI's Guidelines Program

To open the lines of communication it is generally a good idea to go into free flow meditation exercises with a purpose (problem-solving, communications, patterning, etc.)—even if the purpose is as simple as experiencing the “feel” of various levels of consciousness. Remember that most experiences and/or communications in expanded states of consciousness are non-verbal and will be perceived in terms of images, symbols, colors, sensations, feelings, a knowing, or a flash of insight/understanding. Keep all modes of perception open!