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Altering Time and Sowing Seeds of Kindness

The TMI Universe: Altering Time and Sowing Seeds of Kindness

By Brian Dailey, TMI Outreach Trainer, Guest Residential Trainer, and member of the Board of Advisors, Professional Division, and Dolphin Energy Club

I recently had a few surgeries. Part of my therapy involves lying in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber (100% oxygen, 2.5 atmospheres, the equivalent of scuba diving at a depth of 80 feet) for three hours, five days a week, going on four months now. ... Some people go bonkers with boredom and claustrophobia in the small enclosed space of the chamber.

Ask Yourself the Question

by Joe McMoneagle, Master Remote Viewer, Author and TMI Residential Trainer

Maybe there are more interesting things to pursue than an out-of-body experience. Maybe the real zest for living can be found in simply wondering why spiders build their webs the same way all the time.

Director’s Chair: July 2018

by Nancy H. McMoneagle
President & Executive Director

If TMI is like “Hogwarts on steroids,” as one participant described it, then our trainers are wizards, ushering you beyond the veils that separate physical matter reality and C1 consciousness from “All That Is.”