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Spirituality In a Nutshell

by Nancy H. McMoneagle, TMI President & Executive Director

Recently I was asked to contribute to an article in Awareness Magazine, “Women and Spirituality.” Although I grew up with Bob’s guidance and bore witness to his spiritual development, it was a challenge to define my own relationship with spirituality—at least, to do so clearly and succinctly. The magazine gave me a limit of two to three sentences! But the process allowed me to look deeply within and find language for what I found. It was a valuable exercise.

Into White (again)

What I realized only much later was that Far Journeys was Bob’s attempt to communicate the incommunicable: to convey in human language experiences that transcend all of our languages, including the vocabulary of images.

... “Into White (again),” comes out of my own experiences in what Bob called “There,” and “Here, and was written with language and images I deliberately borrowed from Far Journeys, as an homage to his work and its influence on me. Thanks, Bob!

Las Vegas as a Psychokinesis Laboratory

The idea of using Las Vegas as my psychokinesis laboratory didn’t just pop into my head. I was already familiar with Vegas, having gone there to play about once every two years. Scanning back over those many years, I did have a few very unusual experiences that suggest psi in action.

Are Ghosts Real? TMI Experts Weigh In

Ghosts According to Joseph McMoneagle, William Buhlman, and Charleene Nicely

Are ghosts real? There are no easy answers, even from seasoned experts, people adept at consciously navigating the multiverse. Cultures around the world honor their dead through holidays and festivals. Halloween is only one of those, but it's coming up soon and presents a perfect opportunity to look at the ghost question.