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TMI Has Not Been Sold, Says Nancy McMoneagle

By Nancy H. (Scooter) McMoneagle 
President & Executive Director, The Monroe Institute

Our recent announcement of the purchase of Monroe Products (now named “Hemi-Sync”) by entrepreneur and Monroe supporter Garrett Stevens has stirred excitement as well as a bit of confusion. Let me clarify right off the bat—The Monroe Institute (TMI) has NOT been sold.

Your Body is Speaking. Are You Listening?

By Larry Burk, MD, CEHP, TMI Guest Trainer

During my radiology residency, I became fascinated with MRI, a brand-new technology that allowed the structures inside our bodies to speak to us through radio frequencies, which were detected by the scanner and used to create amazing images. Many of my early patients complained of claustrophobia inside the magnet, so I learned hypnosis as an alternative to sedation with drugs.