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Sacred Trust and Honor in Dying: Elisabeth Kübler-Ross Meets Hemi-Sync®

By Leslie France

It was 1973 when I first encountered Elisabeth's work. During an in-service film at Boston City Hospital where I was a ward secretary, I felt chills swell over my skin as she spoke with deep respect and acceptance about the dying process, and about her involvement with the modern Hospice movement. Elisabeth was instrumental in bringing Hospice across the pond to the US.

How Becoming a Consciousness Explorer Led to Medical Intuition

After my first Gateway Voyage week at The Monroe Institute I kept returning, not only because of what I was discovering about myself, both my I-ness and the expanded state of Winter that went beyond any title, but rather, I liked the fact that when asked a question about his adventures, Bob (Monroe) would say, “You go find out. Then come back and tell me.” Taking that advice to heart, I felt free to venture beyond any and everything I had ever imagined. In the beginning, despite my degree in psychology, I didn’t have a clue about consciousness, mind, spirit, energy, or anything else we might list here.

Can Meditation Really Be Effortless?

by Peter Russell, Guest Trainer at The Monroe Institute

... a quiet mind is not a state of mind to be achieved. It is the state we experience when there is nothing to be achieved. It is the mind in its natural condition, untarnished by fears and desires, and the thoughts they create. When everything is OK in our world, we feel OK inside; we are at ease.