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My Near-Death Experience: A defining moment in my life.

by Buff Etheridge, TMI program graduate

I drowned myself when I was 9 years old, in 1960. A pathologically shy girl invited to a pool party, young Buff didn’t know how to swim. But I wanted to be liked and hadn’t learned how to say No.
At poolside, imagining people laughing at me for not joining in, I slipped into the deep end and found myself flailing frantically as I sank helplessly, settling like a rock onto the concrete bottom.

Hemi-Sync® for Erectile Dysfunction

By Brian D. Dailey, MD, FACEP, FACFE

For men ages 50 to 59 in the US, the incidence of erectile dysfunction, or ED, is roughly one in five, and some degree of erectile difficulty is reported by half of men ages 40 to 70 years. ... How might Hemi-Sync help?

Consciousness and Sexuality

 “… During one ‘Rebal’ breathing exercise I experienced what was the beginning of some rather puzzling happenings. For reasons unknown to me I was suddenly in a black box—a void of total blackness. ..."

What is an Out-of-Body Experience?

by Patty Ray Avalon, Residential and Guest Trainer, The Monroe Institute

So, why would anyone want to explore a conscious OBE?

The Monroe Institute was founded on Bob Monroe’s curiosity and personal experiences of the then little known state termed, ‘out- of-body’. Since his earliest experiences starting in 1958, an entire institute for research and education of expanded states of consciousness has been created, the now famous Monroe Institute. And the focus of the OBE continues, with more and more programs and audio support materials. So, why would anyone want to explore a conscious OBE?

8 Steps to Initiating an OBE

When Robert Monroe was alive, The Institute had no out-of-body courses in its catalog ... Today, TMI is tremendously fortunate to have William Buhlman, out-of-body veteran, author, and teacher, training his OBE Intensive at a TMI. Bill shares some of his proven techniques including his "Early Morning Method."