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Gateway Voyage ... to Africa

Participants in the very first Moroccan Gateway Voyage program held May 14 - 20, 2016 reveled in just such an experience. Ably guided by TMI trainers Stefano Roverso of Italy and Luigi Sciambarella of England, the group, most of who were from Italy and the UK, found that, as Luigi reported, “the venue and
 situation created a unique opportunity for 
mixing different countries and cultures within 
the group.

How Do Intentions and Energy Affect Manifestation?

by Joe Gallenberger, Residential Trainer, The Monroe Institute

Mind over Matter. What does this expression mean? Focused thoughts or intentions combined with elevated energy have the ability to affect matter in the physical world. In other words, your focus and energy determine your reality.

Secrets of Learning, Memory & Concentration

In many countries including the US, millions of kids and their parents are gearing up for the new school year. Shops and stores are stocking to serve the back-to-schoolers. Internet vendors are primed and ready! Technology is a big part of the shopping list—computers, smart phones, smart pens, tablets, readers, printers, earphones, you name it.

Escape to Freedom

by Andrea Berger, Residential, Outreach, and Online Trainer, The Monroe Institute

I came to the realization that the only freedom I had in Romania was the freedom to think. Nobody could take that freedom away from me! Hence, I valued immensely the ability to go inside, into my inner world, and have inner experiences, where I was free to think and act as I desired. I discovered that yoga and meditation were excellent tools to achieve that inner freedom, and, though forbidden in Romania, I began to practice in secret.

Freedom from Fear

Fear is the great barrier to human growth.
~ Robert A. Monroe


Freedom! That supercharged word that means so much to so many.

Are there multiple freedoms? Only a few core freedoms? Or might all freedoms derive from one?

How to Become a More Successful Consciousness Explorer

by Patty Ray Avalon, Residential and Guest Trainer, The Monroe Institute

As a facilitator, workshop designer and author of some 35 meditation recordings, I find myself ‘in the business’ of helping people become more successful in their journeys in exploring consciousness; such as the conscious OBE, non-local healing, demonstrable psychokinesis, remote viewing and communicating with non-physical intelligences.