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A Conscious Exploration of the Cosmic Life Force, Prana

by Shaaron Honeycutt, Guest Trainer and Yoga Instructor, The Monroe Institute

The physical body can be a vehicle for not just transportation, but transformation.  We CAN have journeys out of the body through journeys into the body. Yoga practices, such as those that include asana, the physical postures, and pranayama, the control and manipulation of the breath, allow us to explore and experience ourselves as the microcosm of the macrocosm in which we exist. 

Law of Attraction - Creating the Life You Desire

by Ellen Jones-Walker, TMI Residential, Guest & Outreach Trainer

The Law of Attraction says “Like attracts like.” We are vibrational beings (“I am more than my physical body”) living in a vibrational universe where everything is vibration. Whatever we are giving our attention to or thinking about—wanted or unwanted—is drawn to us. Bob Monroe speaks often to this, including his admonition in Journeys Out of the Body to “be absolutely sure of the results you desire, and constantly in control of the thoughts you engender.”

Master Your Energy Centers and Improve Your Intuition

by Patty Ray Avalon, Residential and Guest Trainer, The Monroe Institute

I recently came upon an interesting discovery for myself when I was designing an online course on Intuition. Being an energy healer and consciousness researcher, I have a working knowledge of the human bio-energy systems and states of consciousness. I knew that certain chakras, or energy centers, were really primary in helping us access and translate intuitive information. But, the more I studied intuition, I soon came to realize that all the seven major energy centers contribute to enhanced intuition.

The Heart of Money

By Nancy "Scooter" McMoneagle
Executive Director and President, The Monroe Institute

What is the place of money in our lives? Of what importance is it in the overall scheme of things? Why do some consider money (talking about it, asking for it, accumulating it) as "bad" compared to the "good" of spiritual pursuits? Like many people raised in a Christian household, I learned that money was a delicate subject.

From the Director's Chair: January 2017

The willingness to consider possibility requires
a tolerance of uncertainty.

― Rachel Naomi Remen

Recently this quotation showed up in my inbox. It carries an unmistakable ring of authenticity and, for me, characterizes the style of creative thinking we often employ at The Monroe Institute.

Eyes of an Angel

by Paul Elder, Author, and TMI Residential, Off-Campus Residential & Outreach Trainer

Life occasionally gives us new perspectives. It’s unavoidable. And often transformational.

What would you do if you suddenly awoke to find yourself floating near the ceiling of your bedroom? It happened to me, and it changed my life.