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September 25

Altering Time and Sowing Seeds of Kindness

Some say time is an illusion, a construct of the physical world, that “keeps everything from happening at once,” as physicist John Archibald Wheeler said. Whether or not time is real, our personal experiences of time are that it speeds up and slows down according to circumstances. In Brian Dailey’s account below, he describes how Monroe technology helped him to experience time flying by during a procedure that could have seemed to drag on endlessly.

The TMI Universe: Altering Time and Sowing Seeds of Kindness

As many of you may know, I recently had a few surgeries. Part of my therapy involves lying in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber (100% oxygen, 2.5 atmospheres, the equivalent of scuba diving at a depth of 80 feet) for three hours, five days a week, going on four months now. This treatment markedly improves wound healing as well as brain function. Some people go bonkers with boredom and claustrophobia in the small enclosed space of the chamber. What to do? Spatial Angle Modulation™ (SAM) sound from The Monroe Institute to the rescue! Hyperbaric chambers resonate sound wonderfully! If you are listening to 30- to 45-minute SAM exercises for three hours, you will need a lot of CDs.

The Hyperbaric chamber I’ve been using is rather small compared to others I have had the pleasure of lying in, which made me realize I might need more support to comfortably run through my sessions. There was a video screen outside the chamber that one could watch. So, with the help of experimental Audio/visual SAM exercises from TMI, the time whizzed by.

The early exercises were about one hour long, with underwater video of marine life, and a custom blend of sound profiles. Extremely relaxing for both myself and the hospital staff, who found it fascinating to watch and listen to. TMI continued to make improvements until the latest version, which is 3 hours long. The visual imagery is awesome, with fifteen minutes of exciting stunts at the beginning—people jumping out of airplanes with “flying suits," “extreme” bicycle stunts, etc. Then the tones led me into a deeply relaxed state with beautiful guided imagery. This was followed by further deepening relaxation, allowing profound cognitive experiences. It was the most fun I’ve had with my scrubs on! I am grateful for that beautiful, profound healing experience!

The Monroe Institute is one of my favorite places on the planet. I enjoy attending workshops as well as teaching them there. I'm really looking forward to presenting, with Allyn Evans, the Energy Medicine program!

The Monroe Institute is one of my favorite places on the planet. I enjoy attending workshops as well as teaching them there. I'm really looking forward to presenting, with Allyn Evans, the Energy Medicine program!

Like attracts like, which is one of the reasons you meet so many wonderful people at The Monroe Institute in Virginia. I have attended many deep-state consciousness programs and Professional Division seminars, and currently, participate in the remote healing group Dolphin Energy Club (DEC), and serve as a guest trainer. Many of the people I’ve come to know through TMI have become close friends. Networking opportunities are abundant. And, I have noted that many TMI people tend to be dedicated to the service of others.

Thank you to the TMI board members and Nancy (Scooter) McMoneagle, president and executive director, for steering the course, now and into the future. Thank you to the residential trainers who lead our weeklong adventures of consciousness expansion, who stimulate new insight into our past, present, and future lives, and who inspire so many “Aha!” moments. And to the hospitality staff who lovingly care for us and prepare wonderful meals, Gracias!

A special thank you to the DEC and TMI members who sent healing during my illness. It positively helped greatly! And I want to give special thanks to Bob Holbrook, TMI’s director of innovation and the “Sound God” who created the effective and entertaining SAM-powered audio-visual sequence that helped get me through my hyperbaric oxygen treatments!

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Allyn Evans

Monroe Guest Trainer, Residential Trainer, Founding Local Chapter Network Chair, Professional Association Member

Allyn is a speaker, author, blogger, former university professor, former newspaper columnist and consultant. She earned a BA in Psychology from the University of Mississippi and an MBA from Texas Tech University. An Advanced Toastmaster, Allyn offers sound technology and related workshops in the United States and internationally. She serves clients in Jackson, Mississippi, when she is not teaching.