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October 31

Discovery Update: EEG-monitored Psi Study at Monroe Part II—Participant Experiences

TMI’s Discovery program has been an exciting research endeavor since its launch during the June 2017 Journey to Happiness event, as this is the only known long-term, large-scale, EEG-monitored psi study being conducted anywhere in the world.psiu

[See Discovery Update: EEG-monitored Psi Study at Monroe Part I—Participant Brain-Wave Analyses]

Although statistical increases show the effect of SAM gamma on brain waves and the brain, they do not tell the whole story. For example, one woman who had two OBEs and increased her Mystical Scale scores from 3 to 6 produced strong gamma throughout the week and ended the training with several life-enhancing insights. During three of the SAM exercises she transcended discomfort from the pressure of the electrodes, but during the verbally guided “Closing Baseline” the electrodes were painful and the vocal guidance irritated her. 

As a result, her scores for the “Closing Baseline” were considerably lower than the “Opening Baseline” for all three patterns. The better indicator of her consciousness expansion was her “Eyes Open” value (not shown on the spreadsheet). Her Eyes-Open patterns increased tremendously: Awakened Mind 51% to 85%, Evolved Mind 29% to 39%, and Gamma Synchrony 43% to 57%. These Eyes-Open increases signify that she managed to generalize her inner expansion to conscious, waking awareness.

A 79-year-old man who had attended 14 previous Monroe programs and has meditated with Hemi-Sync and SAM tracks once or twice a week at home provides an excellent example of a similarly startling increase in two of the three Mind Mirror patterns for the Eyes Open segment. This 100Hz gamma producer experienced two OBEs and one bilocation. During the bilocation, he flared up into high-frequency gamma, visited the target box, correctly identified the target, then traveled to his home and the moon. During this exercise, his brain-wave amplitudes cyclically decreased from 17 to 3 microvolts, strongly suggesting that he bilocated. He correctly identified the target during the bilocation, won a Target Score 1 in a second exercise, and in a third attained a Target Score 2.

His Opening to Closing pattern scores were Awakened Mind 91% to 95%, Evolved Mind 37% to 36%, and Gamma Synchrony 26% to 38%. Yet the far more exciting increases were in his Eyes-Open patterns: for the Awakened Mind from 82% to 90% and for the Evolved Mind from 47% to 61%. His Eyes-Open Awakened Mind 90% is the highest statistic thus far in the Mind Mirror database. His Gamma Synchrony score for Eyes Open decreased from 85% to 70% due to his increase in the lower-frequency Awakened Mind. 

Statistical values are vital to this scientific study, but the best picture of SAM’s success is the colorful experiences of participants.

Participants write down detailed descriptions of their experiences in the Post-Exercise Questionnaires and afterward match them with their Mind Mirror monitor’s sketched brain-wave patterns. The subjective-objective match between their experiences and the associated brain-wave patterns provides participants with landmarks they use to master their brain waves and states of consciousness during and after the program.

Here are some of the many fascinating experiences shared by participants during the August program.

OBEs and Remote Viewing (RV) Experiences in High Mystical States

The program’s most perfectly described target image arrived during the Tuesday “Aria RV” exercise (Mystical Scale 6) while a veteran of six Monroe programs was receiving messages from his guides and higher self about his purpose in life and the nature of love. He thought he was too “high” to search for the target (within a high-amplitude, diamond-shaped Awakened Mind pattern, which people have associated with the higher self). Toward the end of the exercise, a clear, sharp image surfaced in his mind. The image won a Target Score 1* -- with no extraneous or incorrect descriptors.

This Outreach Trainer’s success speaks to the power of intention, which, in the end, remains one of the best predictors of success in RV and OBE target attainment.

Quite a few people in this program collapsed their brain-wave patterns from high amplitudes to a very small 2 or 3 microvolts during OB journeys—as if, suddenly, there’s nobody “at home.” Indeed, these OBErs absented the physical brain’s sensory awareness, as seen in one woman who blissfully floated up to the ceiling and looked down on the group during “Liquid Mind OBE” (Target Score 1, Mystical Scale 8). After identifying the target, she used the target box as a portal to fly out to the earth and stars, where she met several light beings, including one who appeared as a wisp of smoke. They helped her feel and understand the connectedness of all things.

 One traveler doubled his opening gamma amplitudes twice during “Presence” (Target Score 4, Mystical Scale 6) while he went to Focus 27, traveled out of body, and followed threads of his life back to Liverpool in 1865 and a Native American life in the Midwest in the 1500s.

Another participant had a powerful vision that sounded like an OBE but was not reported as one during the non-target “Freeflow Zen.” The music reminded him of drops of water falling on the earth and bringing wisdom. During a theta/delta click-out with a 10-minute surge of high-frequency, high-amplitude gamma in the left hemisphere, a group of entities “as tall as trees” appeared with a sense that, “They come,” and a feeling of meeting old friends. He saw the faces of dark-skinned children with curly hair, and throughout most of the exercise, his hands and forearms were moving, to him an indication of contact with non-physical energies. The participant gave this powerful experience a low score of 2 on the Mystical Scale. His understatement was explained in his Closing Self-Assessment. He wrote, “I have the definite impression that altered states are not altered anymore for me.”

Discovery’s SAM beats are healing for many people. One veteran OBEr and top target-hitter who was in less than optimal health during the August program spent two exercises (“Freeflow Zen,” no target, Mystical Scale 7; and “Light Wave,” Target Score 1, Mystical Scale 7) traveling out of body to the Copper Wall to electrically charge sensing devices before visiting the Wall for an actual measurement mid-week. During “Liquid Mind” (Target Score 1, Mystical Scale 6) he asked his guides for medical guidance and found himself floating above a highway toward a major medical center, which suggestion he gratefully accepted.

During the February 2019 program, he sent healing energy to her, without telling her that he intended to do so. After the exercise, she reported having seen his face during the meditation. Close study of their brain-wave patterns revealed a high degree of neural resonance, meaning that their patterns were identical during energy transfers ...

The same participant, who typically produces 100Hz Gamma Synchrony and almost perfectly rounded 100Hz Evolved Mind patterns, traveled OB again during “Aria” (Target Score 2, Mystical Scale 6) but took along another participant in need of healing, this time to space station Alpha X2. After the exercise, she reported feeling better—before he mentioned their visit to Alpha X2. This was their second Discovery program together. During the February 2019 program, he sent healing energy to her, without telling her that he intended to do so. After the exercise, she reported having seen his face during the meditation. Close study of their brain-wave patterns revealed a high degree of neural resonance, meaning that their patterns were identical during energy transfers: he transmitted his powerful Gamma Synchrony patterns to her, and she shifted into them. But about two-thirds of the way through the 40-minute exercise, he felt fatigued; at that point, she began to transmit to him her high-value Awakened Mind patterns, replenishing him, in turn, on a subtle unconscious level without either one of them knowing it. 

Mystical insights powerfully advance the brain and consciousness, especially when they steadily increase in profundity. During the Opening Baseline, one woman perceived herself as a (fantasy) Ceradot jellyfish able to receive and interpret energy (Mystical Scale 3). She found her energy body on a rock surrounded by a thought-responsive sea during “Freeflow Zen” (no target, Mystical Scale 4) and met a council of angelic beings. In “Light Wave” (Target Score 1, Mystical Scale 5) she drifted through the earth and universe, met a council of light beings who bring light across the multiverse and understood the vibrational dynamics of thought-forms and manifestation.

During “Aria” (Target Score 2, Mystical Scale 5) she felt the support of her guides and understood how manifestation occurs via the layering of objects, each with different energetic forms picking up the energy of others. “Presence” (Target Score 2, Mystical Scale 6) gave her more information on the interconnected layers of the self and how to become fluid enough to unstick and slide out of the physical body to accomplish an OBE. During “Higher” (Target Score 4, Mystical Scale 5) she traveled out of body to the Monroe Institute crystal, wrote a message on the moon, felt great peace and pleasure, and watched the rainbow formation of the layers of the body. These journeys occurred within high-value Awakened Mind, Evolved Mind, and Gamma Synchrony patterns with sustained high-gamma surges alternating with cyclical reductions of her brain waves during OBEs. 

One last story. During “Freeflow Zen” (no target, Mystical Scale 5), within a strongly rounded 100Hz Evolved Mind pattern of Universal Consciousness, a woman traveled to different places in the earth, saw a possible future structure, and while taken up to the stars to view them, heard the words, “You are limitless.”

“Limitless” is a good word for all Discovery participants—and for the program itself."

Bob Holbrook adds, “Onward, Delta Deities and Gamma Gods and Goddesses!”


The following scale is loosely graduated toward the pinnacle experience of #10: “ultimate reality.” A self-score of 4 on the Mystical Scale (M4), as shown on the spreadsheet above, means that participants selected any four of the following descriptors. However, because this is a graduated scale, a selection of 4, even if it were the first four descriptors, would constitute a powerful and super-ordinary experience.

  1. The loss of the usual sense of time and space
  2. The experience that consciousness during this exercise was more real than your normal awareness
  3. A sense that the experience cannot be adequately described in words
  4. The experience of pure awareness
  5. The experience of unity with something larger than yourself
  6. A sense of awe or reverence
  7. The experience of bliss or indefinable peace
  8. Sensation of being surrounded in light
  9. Feelings of universal love
  10. You are convinced that you encountered ultimate reality 

How are your brain waves reacting
during expanded states of consciousness?

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Judith Pennington

Mind Mirror Facilitator

Mind researcher Judith Pennington is a world authority on EEG and the Awakened Mind, co-developer of the Vilistus Mind Mirror 6, and founder of the Institute for the Awakened Mind, an international consortium of Mind Mirror practitioners dedicated to personal and planetary transformation. In 1974, Judith experienced a spontaneous healing so luminous and powerful that it led her on a lifelong quest for understanding. She found credible answers in inspired writing, lucid dreaming, meditation, spiritual study, and decades of investigative research into the science of the brain, meditation, and consciousness. More on Judith and Mind Mirror EEG studies at the Monroe Institute: Mind Mirror Measurements—“Journey to Happiness” Program June 2017 Mind Mirror Reveals Expanded Consciousness States at Monroe Institute Program