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December 30

Threshold Experiences—Transcending Ordinary Reality

Author Cindy Spring’s account of her consciousness development and the Monroe Institute’s part in helping her transcend ordinary reality is a familiar story. Yet, each of our experiences is different—wholly unique and deeply personal. What’s your Threshold experience?

I love the word Threshold. It can simply mean a doorway. Or it can mean a point of departure, or a transition. I cannot remember why I began reading Bob Monroe’s “Journeys Out of the Body” in 2015. I’d been interested in psi abilities for decades. But why did I cross into reading about a whole new reality—traveling out of body? I read his second book, then the third of the trilogy. Then I read them again.
Those books greatly expanded my sense of reality. I began to explore other extraordinary phenomena. I went to a local lecture on channeling where psychologist Matthew McKay talked about the process of contacting his son Jordan after Jordan had been killed by robbers in a late-night assault. McKay said that some souls on the other side were open to being contacted. He gave us a simple seven-step guideline for how to do it respectfully and carefully.

... I was wobbly. I had very few people I could talk with about what was happening.

A dear friend, transpersonal psychologist Frances Vaughan, had passed over months before. I decided to try to contact her. I set up the dining table with a photo of her, a candle and a scarf I had from her. Was I ready to cross this threshold? Apparently, so. We made contact on my first try. We now have two books of a trilogy published and the third in the pipeline.

Before the first book, “Seven Questions About Life After Life,” was published, I asked Frances, “What will people think of me when I publish a channeled book? She answered, “Some will think you saintly, some ridiculous. You are neither.”

During the co-creation of Book One in 2018, I was wobbly. I had very few people I could talk with about what was happening. I wasn’t convinced that this was a true transmission. Could it be my “higher consciousness” as some were saying? If so, I was a lot more knowledgeable than I thought I was. Plus, I was starved for kindred spirits to talk to about things like remote viewing and afterlife. I decided to take the Monroe Institute’s “Gateway Voyage” program in June.

I came home to California now certain that my channeling was real, and I had a network of people I could contact if I needed support.

It was a threshold experience unlike any other. To be in a group of 24 people, all very open to such discussions, and many having experiences way beyond my own, was such a relief. (And meeting Joe McMoneagle was a treat. He was a remote viewer for CIA during the Cold War and had fantastic stories.) I could talk about my channeling experiences and everyone was so supportive. I came home to California now certain that my channeling was real, and I had a network of people I could contact if I needed support. One of my teachers, Ellen Jones Walker, was especially helpful.

Book Two, “Seven Questions About the Greater Reality,” was conceived in 2019 and predicted the “upheavals” facing us. Frances provides much insight on how to stay true to our life’s purpose during these chaotic times.

Book Three, “Seven Stories,” will be published in 2021. Another threshold opened for me when I was invited to join a team that has created the Cosmic Voices website. The two life-long mediums have channeled over 20 Messengers who provide guidance for us and much reinforcement for Bob’s mantra, I am more than my physical body. I’m sure that without my Monroe foundation, I would have been daunted by the challenge of facilitating the messages of Maya Angelou, Edgar Mitchell and George Harrison, among others.

What new thresholds may appear? I’m ready.

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Cindy Spring

Monroe graduate, author

Cindy Spring is an author, social activist and explorer of the unconventional. She served as coordinator for Earth Day 2000 for the San Francisco Bay Area and co-edited the anthology, “Earthlight: Spiritual Wisdom for an Ecological Age” (2007). She authored “The Wave and The Drop: Wisdom Stories About Death and Afterlife” (2018) and co-authored “Seven Questions About Life After Life” (2019) and “Seven Questions About The Greater Reality” (2020). These “Seven Questions” books were her first experiences in channeling. Her co-author was psychologist Frances Vaughan who had passed on in 2017. https://cosmicvoices.network