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August 03

TMI's Lifeline Forever Changed My Life

by Jean McDoniels

I was not happy I would have to take Lifeline in order to attend Exploration 27. Rescuing souls was not what I personally wanted to do. When it came time to go to Lifeline, I planned to just go through the motions in order to get where I really wanted to go. Oh, the irony of it all. 

Lifeline forever changed my life. After one of the exercises, when we came down to debrief, a woman began sharing her experience. The first part was my experience almost verbatim. It was strange hearing her share my experience. Then her story changed. She went one way and I went another.

I went through a wormhole-like structure and came out in what looked like the Hawaiian Islands—a beach area with palm trees swaying in the breeze. I knew exactly where to go. The whole feeling of it was different from all the other “rescues” I had done. I came upon a Kahuna working at a table. He looked at me, somewhat perturbed with me, and a little worried. He said loudly, “It took you long enough. Where have you been?” I thought, “Why would a Kahuna need soul rescuing?” Second, I was surprised that he knew me and had been waiting for me, and that I was late! But, more astonishing was my reply, “It doesn’t matter, let’s get to work.” Then we both turned and walked into a circle. Of course, the voice on the exercise comes in, “It’s time to return.” Most of us have had that experience with the voice. I’m screaming “NO, not now! I need to know what is going on here.”

... I decided I would go to Hawaii in search of that Kahuna. The experience was that real.

After talking with the trainer that night, trying to figure out what it all meant, I decided I would go to Hawaii in search of that Kahuna. The experience was that real. The thought came to me, “If I am going to Hawaii I want to swim with wild dolphins while I am searching for the Kahuna. I am sure he will just appear because that is how the universe works,” or that was what I thought at the time. I booked the dolphin swim through Joan Ocean, who I did not know. When I got there, I loved the synchronicity of it all. Joan Ocean had been to TMI, the other trainer was Peter Russell, who was going to facilitate a program at TMI shortly afterwards, and there was another person attending, Brooke Steytler, who participates at TMI. It was a wonderful program. In fact, Brooke and I rented a car afterwards to explore more of the Big Island. Everyone was great and so were the dolphins, but sadly, no Kahuna ever appeared. As time when on, I slowly pushed the thought of it out of my mind and decided it was some kind of strange occurrence that I would probably never figure out.

Moving forward five years, a friend asked if I would be interested in working with the Maori in New Zealand. She said I had to purchase the book StrengthsFinders 2.0, read it, take the test, and send my results to the organizer, who would call me for an interview to see if I would be compatible with the team. They were leaving for New Zealand in 7 weeks. I said, “Sure, why not? It’s an adventure. I can do this.” Thankfully, I successfully jumped through all the hoops and was in. Once I was in, I had to purchase The Woven Universe by Rev. Maori Marsden and read it before going. There was nothing easy about this scenario. Sometimes you must work diligently at something before things seem to miraculously fall into place.

As I turned and looked, it hit me—I didn’t know New Zealand has palm trees and looks like Hawaii in places.

After spending the night at a hotel in New Zealand, we all gathered for a bus ride to our destination.  We stopped along the way to see special places, walk on the land, and have a ceremony before meeting with the Maori. Our guide asked if we would like to stop at the top of the hill to see where we would be staying. We got out of the bus and walked down a small incline. As I turned and looked, it hit me—I didn’t know New Zealand has palm trees and looks like Hawaii in places. I am looking down at Copthorne Hotel & Resort on the Hokianga Harbour at Omapere. I know this place and yet have never been here.

We rode down to it, got settled in our rooms, and went to meet everyone. At the reception-type gathering, we walked along a line, meeting each Maori individually. As I was meeting and shaking the hand of the last Maori in line, whose name happened to be Peter, he said, “It took you long enough.”  I looked at him with other eyes, seeing into my long-ago vision at TMI—Peter was My Kahuna.  We hugged and then he said, “I have loved you forever.”  Naturally, I cried and was giddy because that long-ago experience at TMI was real and Peter confirmed it.

I had tapped into that portal through the Lifeline program.

Peter talked about several things but one was, if you turn a picture of New Zealand sideways, you see the shape of a dolphin.  He showed us the Chakra system of New Zealand and explained that Hokianga Harbour is the 2nd Chakra and that it is a portal for other dimensional beings to enter Earth.  I had tapped into that portal through the Lifeline program. It made me wonder how many portals there are that enter Earth and where they are? There I was experiencing Peter talking about dolphins, the same thing that had occurred in Hawaii, but in a different way. It was all coming full circle, a circle which Peter, the Kahuna Maori, and I had entered.

I must mention here that part of our group was taken to places where big corporations are completely stripping New Zealand of her minerals, which will have dire consequences for all of us—the Butterfly Effect. The whole ecosystem of the island is being affected. The Maori are extremely concerned about this and are asking people to wake up to what is happening on Earth.

Lifeline changed my life. After Lifeline, Basil and I began volunteering at our local hospital with the No One Dies Alone program, helping people pass into the next stage of lives. We became midwives in a sense, for people being born into a new life. Death Doula is now the term for this service. People are making it a career choice.

Basil and I also met every Wednesday, listening to Hemi-Sync® while working on soul retrieval, doing Dolphin Energy Club work, or just having fun exploring.

Lifeline is more than retrieving souls, a gift in itself, but is also about retrieving parts of yourself you don’t even know are missing.

At the time I took Lifeline, it was a prerequisite to Exploration 27 and Starlines, created by Franceen King. I am grateful this was the requirement because I would have missed a truly magical life event, which took five years to unfold. To me, Lifeline is more than retrieving souls, a gift in itself, but is also about retrieving parts of yourself you don’t even know are missing.

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